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Personal Finance: How to Take Control of Your Finances Description:


No boring theories. All the strategies mentioned here in the course are tried and tested with the instructor who started his financial journey with nothing (actually ₹1,000,000 in student loans living in a shared apartment in UK) to building an EMERGENCY FUND and SAVINGS FUND with no more Debt’s to repay. No Shortcuts to achieving them, pure strategy and application of real life working principles which could be replicated for your own personal situation.

No “Get Rich Quick” Schemes or selling of Consulting Services, This course has a single mission and that is to provide your with my experience and sharing of all the strategies I’ve implemented and tested from reading 35+ Self-Help books in one year. I do not share any information which I do not believe in or haven’t tested it by implementing in my own life.

In this course, You’ll learn about: 

1) Can you measure your financial success and feel rewarded in crossing a financial milestone? (Repaying debt’s, Building an emergency fund, Building you savings, Starting to invest)

2) How to categorize your personal finance to achieve financial freedom? (From Debt,Savings to Retirement Savings, Children’s College Fund)

3) Understanding your purpose in achieving financial success.

4) Key strategies you can use in Investing and Finding out what works for you (Investment Allocation Suggestions – Value Investing, Growth Investment and more).

5) How to easily repay your debt by consistent repayment of additional principle repayment without any hiccups?

6) How to easily evaluate your current financial situation? (A tool to calculate your current financial situation)

7) Actual mechanics behind how the economic system works and how to use it to build your wealth.

8) Techniques to consistently reduce risk while Saving and Investing.

9) How Emergency Fund helps you move out of your circle of misery (Financially speaking).

10) Techniques to reduce the over all cost, fees and tax while investing and using the investment tools to build a home for yourself.

11) External factors influencing your financial success and how to influence it to work with you (Your partner for example).

12) Demonstration of how your investments could be better off by diverting them to proper vessels designed with you (customers) in mind.

13) How to take advantage of government rules designed to reduce tax burdens for investors.

14) Actionable goals to implement the principles learned in this course to make a difference in your financial life.

This is an awesome front runner course, This means you will get:

  • Actionable, measurable goals to aim for no matter how in debt you are / how rich you are.
  • Clear NO BULLS*** strategy which actually works if you stick to it (One strategy each for debt, income, savings and investment with blueprint).
  • A questionnaire to help you find the reason behind your motivation to save, get out of debt and become financially free.
  • Ask questions directly to the instructor – You can ask me any questions related to this course and will be glad to answer everyone of them.
  • 30-days Money Back Guarantee – Love the course? Keep it / If you don’t ask Udemy for a refund, No questions asked.
  • Lifetime access to the course so you get updates and new bonus lessons for FREE.

Disclaimer Note – This course is for educational and instructional use only. Although some investment vessels are mentioned in this course, Please ensure if it is a right choice of investment for you as the risk tolerance and investment volatility tolerance is different for every individual. Course is for education purposes only and instructor will have no liability related directly or indirectly to any loss.

Investing your time and money on building your personal financial success can be fun when you do it really well!

Indecision can cost you a lot more than what you think. Let me help you build your personal finance, This is the only course covering the four pillars of finance – Debt, Income Management, Savings and Investment in one course. Don’t delay! The sooner you start working on your finances the better it is!

Please click the ADD TO CART button in the top right corner to get started!

Regards, I hope to see you in the course.

-Nagarjun Nagesh

Who this course is for:

  • This Personal Finance course is great for income generating individuals who will learn many concepts that will help them take control of their finances.
  • This course is also great for anyone irrespective of age who would like to take their personal financial situation few steps higher.
  • This course is not designed for any person looking for a “Get Rich Quick” schemes or any other questionable unproven financial strategies.


  • Have complete understanding about the mechanics of Economic System and how it affects your Personal Financial Situation.
  • Have a complete road map for your financial strategy by the time you complete this course. (That’s half the job done!)
  • Measure exactly how much you need to attain Financial Freedom (Hint: It’s much lesser than what you imagine).
  • Automatically calculate your Financial Freedom estimates through our tool (You data stays private).
  • Apply best practices and techniques to repay your debt slowly but consistently and sooner than you imagined.
  • Determine the factors preventing you from achieving your financial freedom and actively work on eliminating them.
  • Determine the risk factor while investing and find the your risk and volatility tolerance before investing.
  • Find an Investment strategy that works for you depending on your risk tolerance.
  • Segregate Investments depending on your goals in life (Giving a purpose for the Investment).


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