[100%OFF]A Basic Introduction to JCL – Job Control Language


I have a website as well called Mainframe Nation, where i have some articles on Mainframes.

The course has professionally made subtitles(transcripts) in English. There are subtitles in 20 languages in this course.

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Hindi, French, German, Dutch, Irish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Bengali, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Thai.

  • This is a Preview Course for my other bigger course on JOB CONTROL LANGUAGE.
  • This Course is DIRECT and TO THE POINT.


You will Learn:

  • What a JCL is.
  • The various Statements and how to code them in a JCL Program.

Mainframe is extensively used in large corporations which deal with huge amount of data every day. Over 70% of the global Fortune 500 companies use Mainframe to run their business for everything from cloud to mobile to big data and analytics. Now, there are 1.1 million customer transactions per second on Mainframes compared with just 40,000 searches on Google per second. IBM is the leading manufacturer of the Mainframe Systems.

Content and Overview  Through this course, you’ll learn about the JOB Control Language on the Mainframe system.

Starting with an overview of the JCL, this course will take you through the types of statements used in JCL.

Upon completion you will be literate in JOB Control Language, understand how a JCL program is coded and executed on a Mainframe.

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