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Building web applications can be tedious task especially if you have no experience with programming languages. However, developing applications can now be as easy as baking a simple cake, with Cake PHP. So, what is Cake PHP?

Based on Ruby on Rails, Cake PHP is an open source framework that includes contributions from the brightest of the industry. The best part? You don’t even need to know PHP to start creating web apps using this brilliant framework. It cuts developing time drastically using code generation and scaffolding features which allow you to build prototypes quickly without having to worry about complicated XML or YAML files.

Want to make a website for your business, Cake PHP is the answer to all your web app needs. Since Cake PHP is licensed under the MIT license, you can use the same framework for both personal and commercial applications. Cake PHP is also designed to take care of all your security needs with built-in tools for input validation, form tampering protection, CSRF protection, XSS prevention, and SQL injection prevention.

With all of these packed in one framework, no wonder it is one of the most popular PHP frameworks used on numerous websites around the world.

Our course has been designed to not only acquaint you with PHP and its functions but to also teach you how to effectively use the framework to develop some very cool applications. The course is broken down in sections to teach you the building blocks of Cake PHP as well as related technologies from scratch.

From downloading and installing the Cake PHP framework to creating a fully-functional app, this course has it all. Learn concepts such as backend server-side development, MVC design pattern, OOP, PHP templates, relational databases, and convention over configuration. 

In this course you will learn:

How to install Cake PHP and set up the environment, including basic fundamentals of the framework

About controllers and routing

How to work with views and different templates

Learning different components and helpers such as HTML Helper

Models and interacting with the database, including learning how to use CakePHP’s bake function

How to build a fully-functional project management app

Build powerful web applications using Cake PHP and cut your development time in half. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Enroll now and become a web app chef!- View Less


  • PHP Cake Framework
  • PHP
  • App Development


  • Build Apps using Cake PHP
  • Learn to setup and install tools for quick web development
  • Learn MVC design pattern
  • Build a complete app from scratch using the framework

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