[100%OFF]Building A Professional Mobile Application Backdoor Attack


in this course we will build an advanced mobile android application backdoor attack controlled by a remote desktop applicaiotn using java language, we will explain every details beginning from theoretical part until we reach into expremental part.

the mobile application is considered as a motivation quotes from a wisdom men , with a beautiful design in addition it contains a malicious code which allows us a remote connexion with another desktop application (the communication is based in the socket).

this mobile application allows the hacker to get :

  • information about device target (hardware).
  • information about network (SIM) device target.
  • show a text message in device target .
  • all list contact from device target.
  • all logs contact from device target.
  • all sms list target.
  • send an sms into specific numbere using device target.
  • call a specific numbere using device target .

we will also build a desktop application for hacker side with a graphical user interface , through this last the hacker can manipulate the target phone as he wants.

through this program i can get :

  1. a report about data targets.
  2. save data target into text file.

we will build all this things step by step , so subscribe for this course and i will do my best to satisfy you .

note : the mobile application works just in android 5.2 and less , because the degree of security in another versions is higher ,it requests a permission from the user in each time.

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