Thursday , October 22 2020

[100%OFF]jQuery insight: How to use jquery in web projects.


*** 2 hours of content***

***5 real-world practical projects are Included***

***Enable you to start using jquery to your web projects right away***


Are you a beginner level front end web developer and want to start using jQuery to make highly interactive websites easily? jQuery is the most commonly used library of javascript and you should start using it right away.

Do you want to develop highly interactive and rich applications easily? jQuery UI is a collection of widgets, interactions, effects and themes built on the top of jQuery library.

jQuery insight: How to use jquery in web projects” is a 100% hands-on jQuery course with lots of projects. By completing this course, you will be confident enough to start using jQuery on your own from scratch.

In this course, you learn basic jQuery structurehow to setup the jQuery development environment and how to use different selectors, events, and actions.

In this course, you will develop 5 practical jQuery projects from scratch. This will help you to know the basics of jQuery and grow the confidence of using Jquery in your projects. You will know how to further develop your knowledge in jQuery and dive deep into that. The projects developed as part of this course are:

  1. FadeOut on Scroll
  2. Scroll to Top
  3. Dropdown Menu
  4. Hamburger Menu
  5. Preloader

So join this wonderful jQuery practical course and have a great time learning jQuery.

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