Saturday , June 6 2020

54 Rounds of Salamat al-Talabiyah in Ras al-Khaimi









                                خلال اجتماع الإدارات المعنية بالسلامة المرورية للطلاب (من المصدر)

                                    During the seminar on the spiritual and spiritual significance of the revelations (I believe)                                 




Ras al-Khaimi (al-Atihad)

Kashaf al-Amid Ahmad al-Samm al-Naqibi, director of the Department of Traffic and Security at the head of al-Khimi, al-Naqab an assignmentخلال اجتماع الإدارات المعنية بالسلامة المرورية للطلاب (من المصدر). Elam al-Durrasi al-Jadid Conditional Round – 2020, Regulatory and Traffic Regulations and Traffic Controls and Al-Mudaras Salam al-Talabi, my credit to the full city of al-Madras al-Dharma




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