7 K-Dramas To Watch If You Loved “Parasite” – soompi,

7 K-Dramas To Watch If You Loved “Parasite” – soompi,

“Parasite” just made history at the Oscars, and Bong Joon Ho’s captivating story is an instant favorite of many movie addicts as well. If you enjoyed this brilliantly written comedy-drama, you might be on the hunt for movies and shows that bring you the same excitement. The world of K-dramas is full of elements we all loved in “Parasite”; the conflict between the rich and the poor is a reoccurring theme, and we can meet many masters of deception while watching these shows.

Whether you want to see more works of your favorite “ Parasite ”actors, or you are just looking for some suspense and drama, you are in the right place! Take a look at our list of amazing dramas, and choose one to start binge watching this weekend!

SKY Castle

If you enjoyed watching the glorious life of the upper class,“ SKY Castle ”is just the perfect drama for you. The drama follows four women and their families in the highest crust of society: they are all trying their best to maintain the status quo among the filthy rich. Sometimes satirical and full of black comedy moments, this series talks about serious issues in South Korean society.

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Fight My Way

If you are more interested in underdog youngsters trying to find success in this cruel world, struggling with their everyday life, choose “Fight My Way,” and you won’t be disappointed! With “Parasite” actor Park Seo Joon in the lead, you will meet some familiar faces, and the four main characters will win your heart in no time. If you miss the sassy yet relatable Kim siblings from “Parasite,” “Fight My Way” is the way to go!

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Cheer Up ! ”

The world of high schools can be just as elitist as in everyday life, and“ Cheer Up! ” Shows us what happens when the unpopular dance club of true outsiders and the elite group of high achieving and popular students are forced to work together. Even with the classic cliches and character tropes of Korean high school dramas, “Cheer Up!” finds its way to your heart, and you will enjoy this sweet drama for sure.

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Secret Mother

Welcome back to the lives of tutors who are lying about their identity and goals! Although for completely different reasons than in “Parasite,” a mysterious expert with a tragic backstory and dark secrets arrives to a family to help their son get into a good university. Filled with suspense and heartbreaking drama, “Secret Mother” is a great choice if you want to learn more about human nature.

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I Am Not a Robot

If you still can’t get over how amazing the Kims were deceiving the Park family and becoming part of their daily life, you might enjoy “I Am Not a Robot.” In this heartfelt drama, a man severely addicted to human touch buys himself a humanoid robot, but when said robot’s body is accidentally damaged, the developer’s ex-girlfriend has to step in and replace the robot without our main character noticing it. If you want to know how successful they are at deception, check out this drama next!

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Moving away from stories similar to“ Parasite, ”this critically acclaimed thriller drama is focused on corruption and serial murders. Its brilliant casting, dark themes, suspense, and smart screenplay are what remind us of Bong Joon Ho’s movie, and if you are into serious societal problems and the world of lawyers and detectives, “Stranger” is perfect for you!

“Cinderella and Four Knights”

A classic romantic comedy after all these thrilling moments and black comedies is what we need! If you liked Park So Dam in “Parasite” (also known as Jessica, Illinois, Chicago), check out one of her most iconic roles as the female lead in “ Cinderella and Four Knights ”! Her character is a real modern-life cinderella, moving in with four handsome billionaire cousins. She is terrific, and this heartfelt drama is a great way to relax after a stressful week!

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