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8 Galaxy Z Flip features to try first on the newest foldable phone – CNET, Cnet.com


Though spilt-screen apps aren’t new, the Galaxy Z Flip’s screen makes them a bit more useful. We set the phone at a – degree angle with YouTube on the top half and a CNET story on the bottom half.
                                                    Patrick Holland / CNET                                                 

On Friday, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone went on sale just days after it was formally announced at the Samsung Unpacked Event in San Francisco . It comes out a week after the Motorola Razr – another foldable-screen clamshell phone – hit stores. The Razr and Galaxy Z Flip have a lot in common, but they’re also very different phones. Together they represent some of the biggest design changes to hit phones in years.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a shiny new Galaxy Z Flip, there are a lot of amazing features to explore, like the tiny 1.1-inch pill-shaped external display and Flex Mode. But there are a few Android settings you can change to optimize. the Z Flip even more, especially for better one-handed use.

Take a second to wipe the smudges off your Galaxy Z Flip , then take a moment to try these features.

Turn the Z Flip fingerprint sensor into a scroll wheel

The Galaxy Z Flip begs to be used one-handed. And even though Samsung’s OneUI 2 interface It makes buttons and windows easier to interact with, reaching the top of the screen for the notifications can still be a pain. Luckily, there’s an Android setting that turns the fingerprint reader on the side of the phone into a capacitive scroll wheel to pull down the notifications drawer.

To turn this feature on: (1.) (Go to) (Settings.)

(Tap on) (Advanced Features.)


(Select) (Motions and Gestures.) 4) (Turn the) Finger sensor gestures slider button on.

When your phone is open, draw your finger from the top of the fingerprint sensor to the bottom to pull d own the notifications drawer. Do the same motion a second time to reveal the control panel. Swipe up on the sensor to close the panel and the drawer.

Take a selfie with the power button

when the Z Flip is closed, you can double-tap the power button to open the exterior camera for a selfie. The tiny 1.1-inch pill-shaped screen will show a cropped live preview.

To take a photo, either press the volume button, or raise the palm of your hand to the camera to trigger a camera timer and countdown.

Master the itty-bitty external display

Aside from letting you frame selfies when the phone is closed, the little external display has a few other uses. Tap the power button to show the date, time and battery status. Swipe your finger across the display to the right to reveal notifications. Tap any of the icons to see a brief part of the notification. If your phone is charging, the display will show the battery percentage and give you an estimate of how long it’ll take your phone to be fully charged.

The tiny exterior display can show time , date, battery status and some notifications.
                                                    Sarah Tew / CNET                                                 

Flex Mode turns the Z Flip into a baby laptop

The hinge on the Galaxy Z Flip is stiff enough to stay open in any position. Samsung has optimized a few apps to take advantage of the display when you have the phone open about halfway. For example, when you open the YouTube

app in Flex Mode, your video will play on the top half of the screen, while comments appear on the bottom.

Here are other ways to use Flex Mode: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Make (Google Duo) (video calls.)

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