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A Definitive Guide to Enabling Italics in Vim and Tmux, Hacker News

If you’re like me, you fiddle around with your development setup and dotfiles frequently tweaking and breaking things and learning along the way. I only recently found out that you could have comments on Vim appear in Italics . All you need to do is add highlight Comment cterm=italic to your . Vimrc . Except, it’s usually not that straighforward! I spent 3.5 hours researching how to properly enable Italics in Vim and then, in Vim inside tmux and found out some genuine and a few stupid reasons things might not work as expected on your system.

Here, I will provide you official instructions to solving this problem and things you should care about if they don’t work.

Italics in Vim

Before jumping right in, I think it’s a good idea to learn some basics of what is actually needed to enable Italics in your terminal.