Alienware's ‘Concept UFO’ Prototype Is a Blatant Nintendo Switch Ripoff, Crypto Coins News

Alienware's ‘Concept UFO’ Prototype Is a Blatant Nintendo Switch Ripoff, Crypto Coins News

  • Alienware’s latest console prototype is powerful but also clearly a Nintendo Switch ripoff
  • Nintendo has a history of litigation, how long before it knocks on Alienware’s door?
  • Could the ‘Concept UFO’ actually be the first functional PC-console hybrid?

Alienware revealed its latest console prototype at CES this week, dubbed the ‘Concept UFO’. Hardware designers at the Florida-based company must be suffering an innovation glitch, though, as reports show an external design that is basically nothing other than a Nintendo Switch ripoff.

The only substantial difference is how noticeably larger the UFO is. Alienware has not revealed the full specs of the prototype but the hardware does appear to be a lot beefier than the Switch:

Prepare for Nintendo’s Wrath

Nintendo is widely known in the industry for its own courtroom antics. The Japanese multinational has sued and been sued on more than one occasion.

Only a couple of months ago itfiled a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for copyright infringement in the US. But perhaps more relevantly is this particular lawsuit:

Gamevice sues Nintendo for controller design infringement | Source: Scribd

In 2020Gamevice sued Nintendo for a second time

after supposedly infringing on its console and controller patents.

Nintendo could very well pass the baton to Alienware this time, and by extension Dell, the US multinational that owns it. Multinationals are not short of cash and with Nintendo’s reputation, the likelihood of litigation here is definitely high.

Keep in mind that, at this stage, the UFO is still only a prototype. If Alienware is smart they will no doubt be trawling social media for the “Switch ripoff” feedback that is making the rounds.

Will the ‘Concept UFO’ Be the First Functional PC-console Hybrid?

CCN recently reported that increasing competition from the PS5 and Xbox means that the Switch is in dire need of an overhaul. For example, these are just a few of thethings that need to be fixed in. Design infringements notwithstanding, let’s hope that Nintendo is paying attention.

The UFO comes with Windows 603 installed and supposedly seamless connections with many of your standard PC peripherals. Review portal Tom’s Hardware goes so far as to call it aSwitch for PC gaming.

From that point of view, it makes perfect sense for people who want to use their digital products (like games) wherever they go and not collect a growing list of hardware devices.


********************The Concept UFO is basically a powerful, bulky version of the Switch | Source:

Generalists don’t usually take the cake. in the gaming world. So Alienware’s journey into this niche market is pretty ambitious. How much will it cost you ask? That’s the million-dollar question.

As the YouTube video above points out, Alienware is cheekily gauging how much consumers are willing to shell out for it. That is, of course, if it actually ever comes out.

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