All products in UAE ‘conform to strict standards set by the country’

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Abu Dhabi: The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) said on Friday that all products in the UAE market, both manufactured or imported, conform to the UAE and Gulf standards, and are subject to the UAE’s comprehensive quality assurance system.

In a statement issued on Friday, ESMA clarified about auditing and manufacturing in the country, which cover products manufactured for local use or for export purposes to GCC states and some foreign countries. Some products may be subject to the regulations, specifications, standards and procedures of importing countries, but are manufactured according to the standard specifications followed, said ESMA.

The Authority unequivocally affirmed that the production lines of some factories operating in the country belong to major international brands, and production and manufacturing operations are carried out according to high controls, standards and specifications.

It added that it is closely following up on allegations recently raised by some social media users, with regard to some products, calling on the public not to be misled by rumours and to seek clarification before forwarding such information.

It advised consumers to contact competent authorities through official channels to ensure the authenticity of information being circulated.

ESMA emphasized that the UAE standards and technical regulations guarantee that production outputs correspond to the best standards of product quality.

The country’s regulations are not only limited to production phases, but also extends to ensuring that these products meet the aspirations of consumers and are conformed with the materials involved in the production.

Regulations also cover packaging, warehousing, transportation and display operations.

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