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AMD Ryzen 9 3950X easily beats Intel’s mighty Core i9-10980XE in leaked benchmark – TechRadar, TechRadar

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Another day, another set of leaked benchmarks, and once again we’re seeing the power of AMD’s imminent (Ryzen 9) ************************************************************* (X- this time in a comparison toIntel’s incoming Core i9 – (XE) (although this is not an apples-to-apples comparison in several different respects – more on that later).

So, before we come to the caveats – the most obvious one being that we assume these benchmarks are genuine – let’s take a look at the actual 3DMark scores as provided by the ever- present CPU leaker TUM_APISAK.

AMD Ryzen 9 (X) – Co re – FIRE STRIKEPhysics Score 32 XXXhttps: // (October) , 2019

i9 – 10980 XE – FIRE STRIKEhttps: // (October) , 2019

As you can see, we’re looking at the AMD and Intel chips in 3DMark, Fire Strike, specifically the ‘Physics’ score which pertains to the processor – the other results can’t b e compared because the benchmarked PCs had different other hardware components (including, most tellingly, different graphics cards).

So the Ryzen 9 3950 X hit 32, 082 Easily ou tdoing Intel’s Core i9 – 10980 XE which recorded a result of 25, 838. That’s a victory to the tune of 24% for the Ryzen processor, with both CPUs running at their stock

Of course, with these being pre- release chips, we don’t know if the Intel silicon might be an earlier engineering sample, maybe – and we shouldn’t put all that much emphasis on the importance of a sub-test from a single benchmark anyway.

Different worlds

Remember that these chips are from different worlds, too: the Ryzen 9 3950 X is a consumer flagship, and the Core i9 – 10980 XE is the flagship of Intel’s incoming range of Cascade Lake-X high-end desktop processors.

In other words, they are built for different purposes, with Intel’s Cascade Lake-X targeted at heavyweight computing usage and coming with other performance benefits as such (like 48 PCIe lanes, and quad-channel memory).

Nonetheless, this certainly illustrates just how the power of even Ryzen consumer processors has been ramped up, to the point where the flagship 3950 X is outdoing anequivalent (in terms of cores and base clocks) current-gen Threadripper as we saw yesterday.

Although of course,3rd -gen Threadripperis around the corner, and that’s really where the battle will lie for Cascade Lake-X CPUs – and Intel’s anticipating a fierce fight, by the looks of things, given themassive price slashes we recently witnessedto the Core i9 – 10980 XE and all the way down the range.

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