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Caroline Flack’s ex-fiance Andrew Brady has shared a copy of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on Instagram in the wake of her arrest.

The Love Island host, 40, was taken into custody by police in the early hours of Friday, following an alleged bust-up with boyfriend Lewis Burton at her London home.

She’s been charged with assault by beating and is due to appear in court on December 40.

On Sunday morning, Andrew – who dated Caroline last year – published screenshots of a heavily redacted NDA on his acco unt.


Andrew Brady and Caroline Flack split for good in December last year

There has never been any suggestion of physical violence in their relationship, which came to an end in December last year.

He captioned the post ” # abusehasnogender” and turned his comments off.

A representative for Caroline told Mirror Online: “Any suggestion Mr Brady has made that our client is in any way abusive would be false and defamatory.”

The NDA is dated March 24 (********************************************************************, around the time he and Caroline got together, and is addressed to him.

“Due to the nature of your relationship, you may have access to certain confidential and private information relating to [redacted] … of [redacted] members of her relatives, friends , dependents and affiliates who [redacted] wishes to protect from unauthorized disclosure and use, “it reads.


Andrew shared snaps of an NDA

“You have agreed to enter into the agreement set out in this letter to cover your obligations with respect to the Confidential information (as defined below) and / or any intellectual property rights disclosed / acquired or accessed during the Appointment. “

It goes on:” In this letter ‘Confidential Information’ includes any information which is not generally known to the public and which belongs to or is disclosed by [redacted] her relatives, friends, dependents or affiliates (each a ‘Protected Party’) or is leaned, discovered, obtained, developed, conceived, originated or prepared during, as a result of or in connection with the Appointment . ”



The NDA sets out the terms of the agreement – and gags Andrew from discussing its very existence**************


It appears to have been left unsigned, although a source close to Caroline insists Andrew did sign the real version

The NDA sets out the kind of information Andrew would not be allowed to disclose under its strict conditions, including the habits, opinions, health or lifestyles of any of the people connected to Caroline.

) If signed, he could face financial and legal penalties for discussing conversations between them.

He would even be forbidden from talking about the existence of the NDA.

A source close to the Love Island host told Mirror Online: “Andrew was perfectly happy to sign a confidentiality agreement. The fact that he signed the confidentiality agreement is confidential as is its content. “

Andrew’s copy appears not to have been signed or dated, although an official signed version could exist elsewhere.


Andrew left the UK for Australia after splitting from Caroline in December 18276**********************

His post comes after he broke his silence following news of Caroline’s arrest.

Late on Friday night, Andrew had tweeted: “Sad that I’m not more surprised by the news.”

He then liked a series of tweets from followers, which appeared to paint a dark side to his and the Love Island host’s previous relationship.

“I’m glad you got out darling. And now look at you. Having the best time, of your life. Enjoy, beautiful,” read one of the tweets he liked.

He liked another that said: “Well done for keeping a dignified silence over it. The Press treated you terribly … Well done for leaving this abysmal country they call the UK . “



Caroline’s front door appeared to be splattered with blood hours after her arrest****

(Lewis is said to be standing by his girlfriend

Andrew left the UK for Australia after splitting from Caroline last December, and started a new life Down Under.

He wrote an emotional open letter in January this year, saying was “the biggest lesson in my life”.

Meanwhile, Caroline’s current beau Lewis appears to be standing by her.

He is believed to be the man involved in the altercation at Caroline’s home in the early hours of Friday morning, and was taken to hospital by police for treatment.




Lewis shared this snap of him with Caroline after news of her arrest broke

He sustained no serious injuries, while Caroline separately received medical attention for cuts to her hands.

Caroline has not yet been seen since being charged, while Lewis was spotted out near his own London home on Saturday.

He has since shared a picture of them together on his Instagram Story , breaking his silence with a red love heart emoji.

********************** (****************************************************************************************** Read More(*************************************************************************************************)

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