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antonblanchard / microwatt, Hacker News

antonblanchard / microwatt, Hacker News



A tiny Open POWER ISA softcore written in VHDL 2008. It aims to be simple and easy to understand.

Simulation using ghdl

MicroPython running on Microwatt

  • Build micropython. If you aren’t building on a ppc 64 le box you will need a cross compiler. If it isn’t available on your distro grab the powerpc 64 le-power8 toolchain fromhttps: / /
git clone cd micropython git checkout powerpc cd ports / powerpc make -j $ (nproc) cd ../../../
  • Microwatt uses ghdl for simulation. Either install this from your distro or build it. Next build microwatt:
git clone cd microwatt make
  • Link in the micropython image:
ln -s ../micropython/ports/powerpc/build/firmware.bin simple_ram_behavioural.bin
  • Now run microwatt, sending debug output to / dev / null:
./ core_tb>/ dev / null

Synthesis on Xilinx FPGAs using Vivado

  • Install Vivado (I’m using the free 2019 .1 webpack edition).

  • Setup Vivado paths:

source / opt / Xilinx / Vivado / 2019 .1 / settings 64 .sh
  • Install FuseSoC:
pip3 install --user -U fusesoc
  • Create a working directory and point FuseSoC at microwatt:
mkdir microwatt-fusesoc cd microwatt-fusesoc fusesoc library add microwatt / path / to / microwatt /
  • Build using FuseSoC. For hello world (Replace nexys_video with your FPGA board):
fusesoc run --target=nexys_video microwatt --memory_size=8192 --ram_init_file=/ path / to / microwatt / fpga / hello_world.hex
  • To build micropython (currently requires 1MB of BRAM eg an Artix-7 A 200):
fusesoc run --target=nexys_video microwatt


  • A simple test suite containing random execution test cases and a couple of micropython test cases can be run with:
make -j $ (nproc) check


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