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Ars ’favorite movies of the 2010s (John Wick most definitely included), Ars Technica

Ars ’favorite movies of the 2010s (John Wick most definitely included), Ars Technica


      Did not includeJustice League


In non-caped crusades, space films soared and everyone loved a Zuck biopic?



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I’ll say this much — it’s been an unusual decade for movie fans in the Ars Orbital HQ.

Peter Opaskar Ars Technica turns at the end of this year, but film coverage on site can’t exactly purchasesyntheholat the liquor store yet. Quietly, we’ve been reviewing movies on the Internet for 13 years now — a baker’s dozen years if reviews of (3D experiences count– starting with thisMax Paynepiecethat certainly qualifies as criticism. Butbeginning in (***************, we made film a regular topic on site. And these days we annually bounce from SXSWtoFantastic Festwith plenty ofregional film eventsin between.

Now, this ain’t Variety, and we do not write about everything (though we have coveredBeauty and The BeastandThe Jungle Booksomehow). But Ars has quite a few highlights in the 2013 s beyond just starting a dedicated culture section. We failed atVulcan salutes with Jake Gyllenhall and Ryan Reynolds. We caught thepremiere of a Academy Award-nominated movie at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Somehow, we even helpedsave aStar Wars– adjacent movie from obscurity(earning an IMDb credit and inspiring a full-length remake in the process).

So with the end of the decade rapidly approaching, we felt it was OK to indulge our film list-making impulses. This is not necessarily a Best Films of the decade list — undeniably great things likeLady Bird, Moonlight, The Master,Bridesmaids,et al. are fantastic films that do not really fall within our narrow wheelhouse of science, technology, and genre fare. It is not a list of the Most Important films, either, as this decade of streaming’s rise, female directors taking the reins, continued globalization of cinema, and a golden era for documentaries can likely be better explained elsewhere in the cinema-centric press. But the following is definitely a list of the stuff from the last decade that continues to come up in conversation around the Orbital HQ years later, and presumably these films will be forever fixtures of our streaming queues going forward.

So with apologies to the many close calls that felt too small (Anna and The Apocalypse

,The Guilty, Love & Saucers ******************************************** Who Is Arthur Chu?),too popcorn-y (pick your

**************************Fast and Furiousinstallment,(Stuber) ********************************************** Annihilation,Pacific Rim), or just too-good-but-not-great in the face of this competition (Zootopia, Inception, The Lobster ), here are Ars’ “ten” favorites, in alphabetical order:      


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