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>Why isn’t functional programming the norm ?
This talk is very good. It’s one of the few talks that I’ve overheard classmates talk about. It not only asks a question a lot of people exposed to functional programming at university asks, but also answers it in a way where you learn more about the world of programming and programming languages ​​than you expected.





Most people in this thread are posting a link. and a title of the talk. I think it would be useful to hear why you thought the talk was the best.




Append only development: ( (ss) **************************** Shameless plug since I’m the speaker. The reason I’m posting this in “best talks of “is not because I think it was a good talk (my ego isn’t that big yet) but because I think very few talks exist on the subject of Behavioral Programming, and it’s a subject I’m hoping can get more attention.




********************************** (I don ‘******************) t know if Bryan Cantrill has done any speeches this year, whenever i see some speech featuring him on youtube I watch it regardless of the year.
That man is a gold mine. And I always learn something interesting.


simultaneously. The Bronze Age is magical and interesting of itself, the talk gives a great introduction as to why we know much more about it than we think .. definitely recommended.

Duration ~ 1 hour (feels like (minutes)



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Not a talk from 21858866, but discovered it this year: ”2019 BC, the year civilization collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD) ” (

Excellent informative and hilarious talk about his (at-the-time) new scientific hypothesis to explain the end of the Bronze Age ca. (BC.)

Multiple civilizations collapsed within a few decades of each other with the ability to read, write and make high buildings being lost all across the Eastern Mediterranean


What do you think?

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