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Full snack JavaScript developer well versed in React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, GraphQL, React-Native, Webpack, Docker, and Dokku .

I eat sleep and breathe JavaScript. So much so that my license plate is NODEJS 853640782460456960

I ‘ve contributed heavily to open source both in tools I use, and my own code being open sourced. You can see my github profiles at and company org)

I’m building an application performance monitoring service on top of Google Lighthouse you can see at

I’m available for whatever you need. If I don’t know it, I can pick up on it quickly to get the job done.

Email me [email protected] make sure to mention this thread.




Looking for a mid- to senior- Android developer to take on a part-time contract creating new features for an existing app (Java) in the crypto space. Solid hourly rate. Open to moonlighters, but would prefer to build a long term working relationship. Message me on Keybase Chat for details.



Seeking Freelancer:

Immediate need project: Move a legacy business system written in Java from Solaris equipment to Centos running on VPS on either Google Cloud or AWS. Knowledge of Perl helpful (for various scripts although another language could be used). Reply to this comment or email address in profile. After initial move monthly pay for keeping things running, any updates etc. Strong sys admin skills probably over java skills. Knowledge of DNS helpful.

(Note despite the email address this is for a legacy business that has been around a long time and not a ‘startup’).

Remote only; any time zone.



SEEKING WORK | Central Europe | Remote two-person web development team, also hireable individually

My partner and I have extensive experience in architecting, building, and managing large custom-made web applications.

Recent projects:

Throughout the last decade we built Airbnb-like platforms, music streaming apps, healthcare / finance / construction apps, real-time GPS vehicle tracking suites, worked on core systems of big data platforms (millions of daily transactions) and more.

We mostly collaborate with companies, but also have a lot of positive experiences assuming CTO-for-hire roles to work with non-technical founders.

I specialize in front-end, UX design (Javascript ES6 , React, Vue, Svelte, HTML / CSS, Webpack, Node, etc.), and also do light back-end work.

My partner specializes in back-end, DevOps, system administration (Ruby on Rails, Java, PostgreSQL, Elastic, Docker, AWS, etc.), and also does light front-end work.

Read more:

Get in touch: [email protected]



I really dig the way you guys present your portfolio as “case studies” . I’ve often wondered how to do this myself since showing source is kind of useless and often conflicts with NDAs. I thought about videos and short blog posts but you guys really nailed it.



SEEKING WORK | Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Central European Time) | Remote 3-person team of senior software engineers and designers here. We all have 10 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies and several acquired startups. Comprehensive knowledge of:

• JavaScript / TypeScript, React, Redux, React Native, CSS, Node.js

• Clojure, Elixir

• PostgreSQL, MySQL

• Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma

What we can do for you:

• Design & Build an SPA / PWA / Mobile MVP on a solid foundation so it’s smooth sailing once your userbase starts to grow.

• Scale up a team that has an overflow of work or wants to add certain tech to their stack.

• Revitalize an existing app. Solve design, scalability, stability and performance issues.

• Consult on domain specific topics like banking, real-time trading, payment processing and PCI DSS.

Sectors: FinTech, MedTech, EduTech, Social


Email : [email protected]




Backend cloud engineer using Nodejs Typescript. Looking for AWS-related work, 10 – 15 hours a week, that plays to my skills and interests. I’m especially interested in helping companies automate their infrastructure. I know a lot about IoT, so if there are any IoT companies out there that need some help, please let me know.

Tech: AWS IoT, Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFormation, CDK, SNS, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch … pretty much everything related to Nodejs and AWS serverless microservices with a focus on IoT.

Linkedin: ( /

Email: [email protected]



SEEKING WORK | Moscow, Russia | Willing to relocate

Full Stack Javascript Developer experienced with modern stack, looking to join a team working on an interesting project.

Tech: TypeScript | React | Redux | Node.js | MongoDB | PostgreSQL

Linkedin: ilia-safronov /

Email: [email protected]




Anything and everything embedded: Android low level, BSPs for i.MX and other application processors, custom ASIC bringups, and ton of Cortex-M experience.

You ship me your hardware and I make it work. I have a full high end lab on site. Over 50 successful projects in the last decade.

Lots of experience with sensing systems (vision, IMUs and others). Mission critical software. Azure IoT and Functions.

(even did work for two YC companies so far!)

C / C / C # / JS / Python.

roee at rtcec dot com

Brave Browser
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