Thursday , May 6 2021

Ask HN: We are shutting down our startup, I get our code. What now ?, Hacker News

I’m a technical co-founder and invested a lot of time building our website, app, backend and CMS over two years.

My co-founder recently decided to shut the company down, focusing on what he / she does best rather than being reliant on tech / design loops by making our amazing designer create a Shopify site that he / she can manage him / herself.

Without going into details, it is fair but we will need to have serious talk once everything has settled so I can move forward.

Anyhow, as my payment for these past years, I get to sell whatever we have created, code wise, and get the dough for it.

The problem is that I have no clue how to properly handle a sell like this.

There is a bunch of new startups that has recently popped up, doing what we initially did with a caveat; they lack an app for it, currently hustling to make things work. So there might be a pretty good possibility for us to sell it.

To give you an idea what we are doing; an React Native app that sell and connect a very specific type of workshops with costumers over custom WebRTC Video chat (fork of React Native-based Jitsi Meet). What I can tell, I haven’t seen another custom Jitsi-Meet integration yet that gives the ability customize the UI that we have.

We use Firebase as our backend and Stripe as our payment integration. Data entry / workshop scheduling is managed using a custom built CMS. We have custom emails in-app notifications work through Firebase Cloud Functions.

Should I contact these startups? Anything I should do first, legally wise?

I’m clueless.

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