Friday , July 3 2020

Ask HN: What automation tools have you used to replace mundane activities ?, Hacker News

For my travel site side hustle (, I find and publish cheap flights for Australians. Sounds simple, but even if say, someone gave me the flights each day, there’s posting the, sometimes to deals sites, as well as then editing it and posting it on my site, and out to social media, and then to specific mailing lists on mailchimp, depending on the source city of the deal, or type of post.

A LOT of that becomes tedious. Mailchimp can auto post to FB / twitter / instagram etc, but even converting the blog post into mailchimp emails gets tiring, as you need to choose a feature photo, the specific mailing list etc.

I’m a selenium guy, so have built some scripts to minimise some of it, but the rush each time of finding a deal still pains me when I think of the tedium ahead of publishing it .

Ideally, my goal would be to submit [to] [from] [when] to a script and the whole process would be automatic. I can see that selenium could do it, but my goodness, it’d be slow and potentially flaky all via the web UI for those sites.

I’d love suggestions, examples of automation you’ve done, and tools used?

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