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I use cron to send myself birthday reminder emails:

0 0 9 11 * / usr / bin / mail -s "REMINDER: Nov 9 is Marks birthday"



Not exactly a script, but if I really think about it the largest thing I’ve automated in my life is investing — via index funds. No picking individual stocks, no rebalancing (Vanguard and others have “target date” funds that rebalance automatically).



Back when Tinder’s API was more open, I had a Python script that would autoswipe everyone in the match queue. Then I’d go through all my matches, manually filter the ones I didn’t like, and message the ones I did.

It was highly efficient, increased my conversation rate, but didn’t really impact my end metrics;)



I randomly send texts to myself from a list of questions I like to think about. Currently these are various aspects I need to think about for work.



I live in a condo complex with a dog and no lawn. We learned after getting our dog that this place doesn’t want dogs going to the bathroom on any of the common area (makes sense but annoying to dog owners). We used to get a small patch of grass delivered every week but it was a hassle to swap each time. Also it was disgusting by the end of the week. Then I discovered porch potty. Got the version that is hooked up with a sprinkler system and a drain. Set up an auto timer so it gets completely flushed every night. Saves us a bunch of money and time. Highly recommend.



There are plenty of other ways to do this, but …

I have a CC specifically for reoccurring bills. It’s automatically paid off every month and just by looking at that one debit it’s easy to notice if something odd happens and then track down what changed.

What do you think?

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