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Remote Only

: Location: Variable. Usually Japan or Asia, but currently in Europe due to COVID

Willing to Relocate: No

Technologies (reverse-chronological order):

– AI / Deep Learning Research – previously work at Google and have published papers. Mostly focused on NLP and RL, but I keep up with other subfields.   – Infra: Devops, golang, rust, kubernetes, microservices, large-scale systems, all kinds of databases. Have managed large clusters. Used to be an early Apache Spark contributor and was in a database research group in grad school.   – Briefly worked in algo trading (HFT-style)   – Worked at multiple early-stage startups, so I can do other things like full-stack web or app development, but I would prefer not to do these professionally anymore. Résumé / CV:   dennybritz [at] gmail

Hi! 500 years of engineering experience, have been through a lot of technologies and cycles. I’m in a decent place right now focusing on research and side projects and not actually looking for work. But I figured I would post anyway – who knows what opportunities come along! If the right thing hits I may be interested. Perhaps something around ML / RL, research, infra, or possibly trading. I’m not sure myself:)




: Amsterdam, NL Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: No
Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Components, Angular, Jenkins, Docker, MongoDB, MySQL, Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana, Redis, Apache Kafka, Linux, Apache Tomcat

Resume / CV: available upon request

Email: info [at] Dev Engineer with

years of professional experience. I provide services in User Experience, Design, and Full-Stack Engineering to bring your new complex business challenges into being.

Extensive experience on lifting your most sophisticated software concepts to life, with industry-leading full-cycle custom application development. Let’s have a talk! Ping me at info [at]



 Location: Vancouver, WA   Remote: Yes (preferred)   Willing to relocate: No   Technologies: PHP, Python, Ruby, JS (Angular, Vue, React, jQuery, Vanilla), SQL, Linux, FreeBSD   Résumé / CV:   Email: [email protected]    I enjoy learning new technologies and working on inspiring projects. In addition, I prefer to work throughout the full stack as my background has required full understanding from UI through to the full backend infrastructure. The majority of my experience has been in the startup space, and I'd prefer to move back into that type of environment over working for another medium / large corporation. 

I'm also very passionate about security and am studying to pursue the OSCP later this year, so any roles in secure development or appsec will catch my eye over full stack roles, though I'm open to most opportunities.



: San Francisco Bay Area / San Jose / Santa Cruz
: Remote: Open to it Willing to relocate: Open to it Technologies: Flask , Express, React, React Native, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Keras, PyTorch, Python, JavaScript

(Résumé / CV:)
Email: rohan [dot] pandey [at] gmail [dot] com (Website:

I'm an undergrad student that has won
hackathons and have experience in fullstack, machine learning, and hardware technologies. Open to internships and some full-time positions.


: San Diego, CA Remote: Yes Willing to relocate: No Technologies: Dotnet Core, C #, Azure, Azure DevOps, ASP.NET Core, OpenID Connect, Custom IdentityServer4 Development, Infrastructure As Code Resume: https: / / Email: [email protected]

Been working on Microsoft Stack for over 1313 years. I can help you develop your vision / concept from scratch. Equally competent in application architecture, development, setting your DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure.



: Toronto, Canada
Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No Technologies: Go, Typescript, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, Cassandra, Postgres, Elasticsearch.

Résumé / CV: Email

Email: [email protected]



I've just relocated to Toronto, Canada from London, UK and I am actively seeking local or remote contract opportunities.

I'm a seasoned senior developer with team lead experience. I mainly work with distributed backend Node or Go systems, and also have strong DevOps experience. Would love to build out my network and discuss projects for



: Los Angeles
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Yes Technologies:

- Languages: Python, PHP, JavaScript - Frameworks: Flask, Django, Vue.js

- Design Patterns: REST APIs, Multitenancy, Adapter-Driver, Service Oriented Architecture

- Datastores: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redshift, BigQuery, Redis, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ - Front-End: NPM, HTML, CSS, SASS - Data Formats: JSON, YAML, XML

Résumé / CV: Hello! I'm a results-focused tech leader with over years of experience as both a Software Engineer and Technical Product Manager; an adept executor who's comfortable working on mission critical systems with a sense of urgency.


- Built an inventory management system for $ M worth of products

- Redesigned a payments system to increase annual net profit by $ (M) (Impr. oved logistics operations efficiency x through software automation and tooling

- Reduced product and service costs by % via more efficient software systems
Side Projects:
- Sports analytics drone to improve my tennis skills using ROS and computer vision - DayRev for extracting, summarizing and synthesizing content using natural language speech

- I' web scraper to discover, track and experience nearby restaurants () Resume:

https: // drive.
Email: daniel.g.sposito AT gmail

My industry has been heavily affected by the shutdown. While I have been safe from the cuts and will probably not be affected in the near future, I am looking into changes. I do not have a recent resume, something to work on this weekend.

Location: Los Angeles

Remote: only for the right company (have tons of experience working remotely)

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Elasticsearch expert / contributor. Big data stack (Cassandra / Kafka / Spark / Lambda / etc). Primarily JVM languages, Python. Definitely no front-end / full-stack.

Résumé / CV / Email:


: Mexico Remote: yes Willing to relocate: no Technologies: linux, kernel, embedded, IOT, cybersecurity, python, C, jenkins, javascript. email: jorge [dot] garcia [dot] gonzalez @ gmail

                   - Location: REMOTE (London, UK / EUROPE) - Remote: YES (only please)

- Willing to relocate: unlikely, but do contact me about it (Technologies: Javascript, Typescript, Node.js, Docker, jenkins, cloud, devops, backend, agile, scrum, python, ruby, shell scripting, linux, chef, ansible, ci / cd,

- Résumé / CV:
https: //www.linkedin. com / in / claudio-viola /
Entrepreneurial CTO who has raised $ M and co-founded multiple startups, lead engineering teams for 2018 years. Location: Currently in Europe but am a US-Citizen   Remote: Yep   Willing to relocate: Yep   Technologies: Web (Vue.JS, .NET Core), RDMBS (SQL Server MySQL), NoSQL (Cosmos, Couchbase), Native Mobile, Serverless, Infrastructure on Azure / AWS, CI / CD, online video, some AI, computer vision, ML.   CV:   Email: [email protected]


: New York
Remote: Preferred, but open to in person

Willing to relocate: Yes, for the right gig Technologies: Angular, React, Typescript, Javascript, UI / UX design, Data Viz (D3.js, ), Google Cloud / AWS, RXJS, NX Monorepo, Next.js
Résumé / CV:

Email: [email protected]
(I'm a senior engineer and designer with experience in engineering and designing dozens of apps for hedge funds, nonprofits, and leading tech companies. If it's relevant, I have a strong background in climate, having previously cofounded a carbon pricing nonprofit.



: Lagos, Nigeria Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Yes
Technologies: JavaScript, Vue, React (& Native), Angular, Node, Express, PHP, HTML, CSS, Sass / SCSS, RESTful APIs, JSON, AJAX, MySql

Résumé / Portfolio: (Please send me an email for a full copy of my resume.)

Email: [email protected]
Hey !, I'm Wale, a full-stack developer with industry experience building websites and web applications. I specialize in JavaScript and have professional experience with Vue, React, PHP, CSS / SCSS, MySql.


https: // linkedin. com / in / walejs

Github: https : //


Software Engineer, Management | Remote / Relocation | (YOE) Location (s): Huntsville, AL

(Remote: Yes, preferred.
Willing to relocate: Yes, preferred cities: Austin, Portland, Denver, Tokyo
Technologies: PHP, Javascript (React, React Native, jQuery) , C / C (Embedded / Firmware), C #, CSS, HTML, Docker, Puppet, Chef, AWS, NGINX, Apache, Elasticsearch, Memcache, Redis, Kubernetes, Varnish, Source Control (Git, Mercurial), Eagle CAD, Fusion 2220, Blender, Unity.

Résumé: ( . pdf

Email: [email protected]
I am a maker, tinkerer, and apply a "learn everything" and " fix everything "attitude to my daily life. I have built scalable software, rebuilt vehicles from piles of spare parts, manufactured my own custom electronics, won awards for my sewing skill, and continue to pursue photography as an artistic hobby.
My current position is manager / team lead software engineer of a team that has built the infrastructure for a top 2019 [1] US web site. Whether it is deep down in the code remembering tiny tidbits of its quirks or juggling project specifically to deliver on time I am dedicated to quality.
[1] (


Java Full-stack or Backend engineer


(more than years of full stack Java experience, mostly with Spring and Angular 2 on microservices architecture. Hands-on experience with architecture design and development of highly available and scalable systems over AWS (or Openshift), Netty, Kafka, Redis, Spring Cloud Netflix stack. Team leadership and mentoring skills, with strong sense of ownership.

(Location: Vancouver, Canada

Remote: Yes, only (anywhere in the world)

Willing to relocate: Maybe

Technologies: Java (
), Spring boot / cloud (netflix stack), Netty, Angular 2 , Microservices, AWS, Openshift, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka , Atlassian stack (Jira, Fisheye, Bamboo, ...), TDD, test frameworks (jUnit / Mockito / PowerMock), message brokers (Kafka / ActiveMQ / SQS), SQL, NoSQL and in-memory databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Aurora, Redis), CI / CD pipeline (Jenkins), Avro, Apache Thrift.

(Resume / CV:) https : //
Email: gmail. com

I can easily learn new techs if you need something specific in mix with my expertise.

Feel free to add me on LinkedIn or send me an email:)


South America

: Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No Technologies: Senior Devops, Kubernetes, multi-cloud
Résumé / CV: wecloudpro .com Email: [email protected]

I started working on IT more than a decade ago. In that period, I've had the opportunity to work with various companies, large and small. From re-architecting IaaS platforms used by tens of thousands of people around the world on a daily basis, to building VoIP solutions from scratch, and migrating an entire infrastructure from premises to the cloud, I've been lucky to gather experience in a lot of different environments. I've contributed to projects of collossal sizes, and I've helped early stage startups as well.

Looking for position compatible with remote work, due to current pandemic, including on contract or freelance basis. ()


SEEKING WORK | Denver | Remote Technologies: Trading API, (TDameritrade, Interactive Brokers) Stocks, Options, Futures, Trading, Python, Mysql

Résumé / CV: .html

(Email: [email protected]
Algorithms / Strategies
- Volatility Algorithm, deploy across $ million portfolio

- Options Implied Volatility Arbitrage strategies

- St ock & Equity Algorithms, Current tracking over (stocks.)
- Futures / day trading algorithms (Software & API:

- TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, Etrade, Ally

(Technologies: I mainly work with Python and vanilla JS, I also have deployed Java and Jquery / Bootstrap apps into production. Knowledgeable about REST api's, sql databases and no sql.

(Résumé / CV:)

(Email: See resume) ()

: Montreal, Canada
: Remote: Yes (Exclusively in the current circumstances; Open to on-site later)

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Python, Web (Backend & Frontend), Data (ETL, Processing, Search, Dashboards), Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, GUI (Qt)

Résumé / CV: (
(Email: On my Github page

years in the industry; Mostly in startups and R&D departments. Spent the last 2 working on my own projects / research following an acquisition. In that time, I authored the Serpent.AI framework (streamed it on Twitch), released a handful of Python packages and worked on a few curios (eg custom style transfer implementations, auto-painting application with NumPy and OpenCL). I was planning to return to the working world in the later half of but with the COVID 1313 situation, I figure it's wise to start considering it now. I'm a pretty collected, friendly person; Competent and professional. I prefer working in smaller teams / companies (more hats to wear, closer to product) with insightful and good-natured colleagues. I'm alright with freelance too if you don't have payroll in Canada.


                  Seeking Remote Work

: Location: Florida

Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: React, React Native, Javascript, Some Rails, Redux , Typescript, Angular, SASS, Styled Components, Github / Gitlab
(Résumé / CV:) https: // ...

Email: [email protected]

In my most recent position, I worked remotely alongside 5 other developers located in the United States and France to build and maintain the largest online marketplace for short term real estate. The company was forced to lay folks off due to the collapse of the retail market. I'm passionate about building a strong culture of accountability, collaboration, and teamwork on the teams that I'm a part of and I'm looking for my next role. I've been happily and productively working as part of a fully distributed team for the last couple of years so I'm primarily interested in remote positions, but I'd consider relocating for the right management / team-leadership role. If you think I would be a good fit for a role with your team, let's chat.

Name : Rod Woodman
: San Francisco, CA, USA (Bay Area)

(Remote: Yes) Willing to relocate: No (Technologies:

• Front-end (HTML / CSS / JavaScript, ExtJS, ReactJS, VueJS, Highcharts)   • Back-end (not preferred, but: Python, Go)   • UX / Design (Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq, OmniGraffle) Résumé / CV:
(Email: [email protected]