Ask the law: Termination by email in UAE is legal

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Question – I’ve been working in a company for five years on an unlimited contract. One month ago I was unfairly terminated for no reason. In my contract my notice is six months but the company said I must leave immediately. My employer is ready to pay my three months compensation for termination but is not willing to pay me my six months notice. They say that as per the law I have no right to get three months compensation plus six months notice, especially if I didn’t work the period. Do I have the right for both, since I was willing to work the notice? How do I go about getting my dues if my employer doesn’t pay me my gratuity after visa cancellation? I was terminated by email to which I didn’t reply, is that legal? Two weeks later my employer classed it as a mutual decision between us both, even though I didn’t reply, is that valid?

Answer – In the case of no amicable settlement, you can file a case against the employer with the Ministry of Labour. They will try to solve this amicably, but failing which you can ask the ministry to refer the case to court. You have the right to combine compensation with your notice period. Being terminated by email is legal even if you don’t respond, but to be classed as ‘mutual’ it requires signatures from both parties.

Question – Six months ago I rented out my villa and mentioned in the contract that it was only for family use. Two months ago I discovered that it had been subleased to a number of individuals who were sharing. Due to this violation, I asked the sub-tenants to vacate the villa via a written notice sent to them through Dubai Court. They refused stating that they had rented from the original tenant and had paid the rent in full.

As the owner, can I file a case to vacate the villa? Are sub-tenants entitled to stay until their contract expires in October? Do I have the right to cut electricity and water?

Answer – The original tenant has violated the terms of contract without written permission from you, therefore if a rental case has been filed, the rental court may decide to vacate the villa and hand it back to you. In the meantime, as per the rental law, you have no right to cut electricity or water.

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