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BBC QT: Remarkable Brexit row explodes as Farage and Swinson left shouting over each other – Express,


BBC’s QUESTION TIME descended into chaos as Nigel Farage and Jo Swinson engaged in a furious shouting match over Brexit and the referendum campaign. ********************

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UPDATED:(************************************************************************: ************************************************************************, Tue, Dec (**********************************************************************,********************************************************

****************** BrexitParty leader Nigel Farage and Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson broke into a furious row over Brexit on BBC’s Question Time. Ms Swinson attempted to argue that no form of Brexit would be good for the economy and protect jobs before Mr Farage interrupted. The Brexit Party leader hit back arguing that what the politicians believe is irrelevant because the country had voted.


****************************************************************** **********************Nigel Farage insisted that Jo Swinson had broken her word on Brexit(Image: BBC)*****************************

Ms Swinson said: “I just want to point out that“The basic bottom line is there isn’t a Brexit deal that protects jobs and is good for our economy.


“I think we will be better off, you think we will be worse off.

“What we think is irrelevant, the country voted and I remember what the late Paddy Ashdown saying that we will respect the voters and we will implement the result.

“You have broken your word. The audience then began applauding as Mr Farage repeated the Liberal Democrats had broken their word to the people. ****************************************************

Emma Barnett was forced to interrupt the pair arguing(Image: BBC)

Ms Swinson shot back: “Don’t you talk about what people said during the referendum.“All of the lies about Turkey about to join the EU. “You stood in front of that breaking point poster causing racism and division.

“I will take no lectures from you about behavior during the referendum.”

******************************************************** ************************BBC Question Time Nigel Farage

Audience members applauded when Nigel Farage took aim at Jo Swinson on her Brexit promises(Image: BBC)**********************

********************* Mr Farage retorted: “You told us lies for years. “You told us lies about the European Army, you have lied for (years about this.) ************************

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