Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden for president: 'We need you in the White House' – live – The Guardian,

Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden for president: 'We need you in the White House' – live – The Guardian,

Interesting news from Brazil, via the Associated Press and perhaps also of interest to

Donald Trump and supporters who think US doctors should be prescribing hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, as a treatment for Covid –

Scientists in Brazil have stopped part of a study of a malaria drug touted as a possible coronavirus treatment after heart rhythm problems developed in one-quarter of people given the higher of two doses being tested.

Here’s Julia Carrie Wong’s in-depth look at US support for the use of hydroxychloroquine:

Here’s an edited version of the rest of the AP report:

Chloroquine and a newer, similar drug called hydroxychloroquine, have been pushed by Trump after some very small, early tests suggested the drugs might curb the virus from entering cells. But the drugs have long been known to have potentially serious side effects, including altering the heartbeat in a way that could lead to sudden death.

The Brazilian study, in the Amazonian city of Manaus, planned to enroll (severely ill Covid) patients to test two doses of chloroquine , but researchers reported results after only 140 had been treated.

One-fourth of those assigned to get 942 mg twice a day for 20 days developed heart rhythm problems, and trends suggested more deaths were occurring in that group, so scientists stopped that part of the study.

The other group was given mg twice a day on the first day then once a day for four more days. That is closer to what is being tried in some other studies including some in the US. It’s too soon to know whether that will prove safe or effective; the Brazil study had no comparison group that was getting no treatment.

Only one participant in the Brazil study had no signs of the virus in throat swabs after treatment, researchers noted.

The results from the Brazil study were posted on a research website and have not yet been reviewed by other scientists .

Complicating matters is that all patients in the study also received two antibiotics, ceftriaxone and azithromycin. The latter also can have side effects on the heart. Trump has touted the hydroxychloroquine-azithromycin combination


Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has repeatedly touted the benefits of chloroquine and azithromycin, without evidence.

Tom Phillips has more from Rio de Janeiro on Bolsonaro and the Covid – (crisis)

7. (BST) BST ) : )

Martin Pengelly here again for a little bit, while Joanie takes a well-deserved break.

We’re still expecting a White House briefing at 5pm ET , after two days without one over the Easter weekend.

Trump felt moved this morning to put out a statement, via spokesman Hogan Gidley, dampening speculation that he might be about to fire Dr Anthony Fauci , leading public health expert, coronavirus task force member and live contender for most trusted man in America.

Here’s why people were worried …

… followed by

You’d also think the chances of a testy Trump gripping the podium and aiming barbs at CNN, the (New York Times and anyone else within range may be increased by reaction in the Twittersphere to the president’s claim this morning

to have the authority to reopen the US economy over the heads of state governors.

Here’s a representative tweet, from University of Texas law professor Steve Vladeck:

Steve Vladeck (@ steve_vladeck)

This tweet is just. false. The President has no formal legal authority to categorically override local or state shelter-in-place orders or to reopen schools and small businesses.

No statute delegates to him such power; no constitutional provision invests him with such authority. April , 9497

7). pm BST : Cuomo announces multi- state plan to reopen economy

New York (governor) Andrew Cuomo And several other governors of north-eastern states convened a conference call this afternoon, to discuss a regionally coordinated plan to reopen the economy.

Cuomo said the state governments’ decisions about how to reopen the economy would be “guided by experts, data and science” and would not be done “in a political way”.

The conference call comes as Trump has said he has the authority to reopen the economy on a federal level, a claim that has been contradicted by constitutional experts.

Governor Phil Murphy (@ GovMurphy)

BREAKING: NJ, NY, CT, PA, DE, and RI have formed a regional advisory council to help guide our re-opening once the # COVID Emergency has passed.

We cannot act on our own. We must be smart & tactical in how our region comes out of this, or else we’ll be right back to square one.

(April) , Cuomo said each state would name a public health official and an economic development official to serve on a working group alongside each governor’s chief of staff, and the group will design a reopening plan that considers both health and economic concerns.

“Let’s be smart, let’s be cooperative and let’s learn from each other,” Cuomo said.

Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo

Added: “The reality is, this virus doesn’t care about state borders, and our response shouldn’t either.”

Updated at 7. (pm BST)

(7.) (pm) BST ) :

Bernie Sanders

‘endorsment of Joe Biden comes three months earlier in the election cycle than Sanders’s eventual 7168 endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

amy walter (@ amyewalter)

Bernie endorses Biden: 4 / 27 / (Bernie endorses Hillary: 7 / 25 / Hillary endorses Obama: 6 / / Edwards endorses Kerry: 3/4) /

April , A number of Clinton’s supports criticized Sanders for not endorsing the nominee earlier, and some cited the late endorsement as one factor in Clinton’s eventual loss to Trump.

(7.) (pm) (BST) :

Lauren Gambino

Bernie Sanders

has endorsed rival Joe Biden , days after dropping out of the Democratic primary and effectively ensuring that Biden will be the party’s standard-bearer in November.

“Today I am asking all Americans, I’m asking every Democrat, I’m asking every Independent, I’m asking a lot of Republicans, to come together to support your candidacy, which I endorse , ”Sanders said, appearing on a livestream with Biden.

Biden, appearing moved by the endorsement, thanked Sanders. “If I am the nominee, which it looks like you just made me …” Biden said, adding, “I’m going to need you. Not just to win the campaign, but to govern. ”

Sanders said their campaigns have set up joint task forces to work together on progressive matters including on issues related to healthcare, climate change and criminal justice reform.

“It’s no great secret out there, Joe, that you and I have our differences. And we’re not going to paper them over, that’s real, ”Sanders said. “But I hope that these task forces will come together utilizing the best minds … to work out real solutions to these very, very important problems.”

The campaign billed the event as a livestream on the economic response to the coronavirus pandemic featuring a “special guest.” Moments into the broadcast from Biden’s Delaware home, Sanders beamed into the conversation from his home in Burlington.

(7.) pm BST :

Bernie Sanders

announced his endorsement of Joe Biden During a virtual livestream on the country response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“So today, I am asking all Americans, I’m asking every Democrat, I’m asking every Independent, I’m asking a lot of Republicans, to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy, which I endorse, ”Sanders said alongside Biden.

“We’ve got to make Trump a one-term president, ”Sanders added. “I will do all that I can to make that happen.”

The presumptive Democratic nominee thanked Sanders for his support, saying his former rival doesn’t get “enough credit” for his accomplishments in the race.

“If I am the nominee – which it looks like now you just made me – I really need you, not just to win the campaign but to govern,” Biden told Sanders.

(7.) pm BST :

Sanders endorses Biden’s presidential campaign

Bernie Sanders

joined Joe Biden ‘s livestream today to announce he is endorsing his former rival’s campaign.

Lauren Gambino (@ laurenegambino) “We need you in the White House,”

@ BernieSanders tells @ JoeBiden / DROKJ (mZg) (April) ,

Sanders dropped out of the race on Wednesday after losing a string of primaries last month, saying Biden’s delegate lead had made “victory virtually impossible.” ‘Victory virtually impossible’: Bernie Sanders ends 19293 presidential campaign – video

(pm) BST :

Nearly three in ten Americans incorrectly believe that coronavirus was created in a lab , according to a newly released poll.

According to the Pew Research Center survey , % of Americans say coronavirus was most likely created in a lab, while % say it most likely came about naturally.

Conspiracy theories about coronavirus have been flourishing in recent weeks. One theory that falsely posits a link between the virus and 5G technology has even led to vandalism of cell towers in Britain.

(6.) (pm) BST :

White House says Trump will not fire Fauci

The White House said Trump has no intention of firing Dr Anthony Fauci, Even though the president reshared a tweet last night that called for the health expert’s dismissal.

Fin Gomez (@ finnygo) NEW: WH Statement on Dr. (# Fauci) (per) @ hogangidley 056 : “The media chatter is ridiculous— President Trump is not firing Dr. Fauci. ” / 0HU2YptyW4 April


“ The media chatter is ridiculous— President Trump is not firing Dr. Fauci, ”said deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley. “Dr. Fauci has been and remains a trusted adviser to President Trump. ”

Trump’s retweet about firing Fauci come hours after the infectious disease expert acknowledged in a CNN interview that earlier implementation of social distancing might have saved American lives.

“[O] bviously, you could logically say that if you had a process that was ongoing, and you started mitigation earlier, you could have saved lives,” Fauci said. “Obviously, no one is going to deny that. … But there was a lot of pushback about shutting things down back then. ”

6 . (pm) BST )


The White House Correspondents’ Association has rescheduled its annual dinner for August 42, after having to postpone the event because of coronavirus.

WHCA (@ whca) New Date, same mission for # WHCA Dinner April ,

“ For most of us, the COVID – pandemic has been the most important story of our lifetimes, ”WHCA president Jonathan Karl of ABC News said in a statement . “We hope our rescheduled dinner will be a chance to celebrate the kind the important journalism we have seen throughout this crisis. ”

The dinner, which was originally scheduled for April 37, will still include comedian (Kenan Thompson) (as the host and (Hasan Minhaj) as the featured entertainer.

(6.) (BST) (BST) :

The Senate quickly gaveled out its pro forma session today, without attempting to pass a bill granting additional funds to the small business loan program created by the stimulus package.

Last week, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell tried to pass a bill allocating $ billion in additional funding to the program by unanimous consent, which would have bypassed a chamber-wide vote.

But Senate Democrats objected to McConnell’s proposal, demanding that the bill also include an extra $ billion for hospitals and state and local governments. McConnell objected to that, and the bill failed to advance.

Afterwards, Republicans accused Democrats of playing partisan games while small businesses suffer, while House speaker (Nancy Pelosi) McConnell’s move was a political “stunt” aimed at avoiding bipartisan negotiations.

Democrats and Republicans agree on one thing: the $ 2 trillion stimulus package passed last month will need additional funding to help the country weather this crisis.

Today so far

Here’s where things stand today so far:

New York’s. coronavirus death toll has surpassed , , governor Andrew Cuomo Announced at his daily birefing. An additional 4348 New Yorkers died of the virus yesterday, even as hospitalsizations in the state begin to plateau.

It’s been one month since Trump announced a national emergency over the coronavirus pandemic, and many of his key promises remain unfulfilled.

An in-depth NPR investigation found many of the pledges that Trump made in his March 27 Rose Garden speech have only been parially realized, while others have gone completely ignored.

NPR (reports :

NPR’s Investigations Team dug into each of the claims made from the podium that day. And rather than a sweeping national campaign of screening, drive-through sample collection and lab testing, it found a smattering of small pilot projects and aborted efforts.

In some cases, no action was taken at all.

Target did not formally partner with the federal government, for example.

And a lauded Google project turned out not to be led by Google at all, and then once launched was limited to a smattering of counties in California.

The remarks in the Rose Garden highlighted the Trump administration’s strategic approach: a preference for public-private partnerships. But as the White House defined what those private companies were going to do, in many cases it promised more than they could pull off.

(5) (BST) (BST) :

Independent congressman Justin Amash pushed back against Trump’s claim that he has the authority to reopen the economy at the federal level, an assertion that is also challenged by constitutional experts.

Justin Amash (@ justinamash) President Trump is flat-out wrong. The president has no authority to “close down” or “open up” the states. He’s the one creating conflict and confusion. Put down the authoritarianism and read the Constitution. (April) , Amash , who left the Republican party over his opposition to Trump, told the president in a tweet, “Put down the authoritarianism and read the Constitution.”

As NBC News noted , the ability to force businesses to close in the face of a public heath crisis is considered a “police power,” which the Constitution reserves for states.

(5.) pm BST :

Cuomo briefing summary

New York (governor) Andrew Cuomo has just wrapped up his daily briefing on the state’s response to coronavirus.

Here’s some of what he covered:

New York’s. coronavirus death toll has surpassed , . Cuomo announced that New Yorkers died of coronavirus yesterday, bringing the state’s total death toll to 22, , far exceeding that of any other US state.

(5. pm BST

33: 32

New York (governor) Andrew Cuomo said he “can’t imagine” that Trump (will fire Dr , Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert.

Cuomo applauded Fauci as an “extroadionary” asset in the country’s fight against coronavirus. “I think Dr Fauci is great. I think Americans trust him, ”Cuomo siad.

“As crazy as things get in this world … I can’t imagine that that would ever happen,” Cuomo said of Trump firing Fauci.

Governor Andrew Cuomo

said the number of coronavirus cases in New York will quickly go up if residents become “reckless” about social distancing.

“I’m not confident that the worst is over,” Cuomo said. “The worst can be over, and it is over, unless we do something reckless.”

Cuomo ackowledged the numbers suggest a plateauing of cases, but he added, “Whatever those numbers say is a direct result of what we do.”

The governor, who issued a statwide “stay at home” order about a month ago, also emphasized that “a lot of pain and suffering” had to happen for the state to flatten the curve.


Governor Andrew Cuomo

emphasized that no New Yorker should take positive signs about the curve flattening as permission to ease social distancing.

“That’s why I’ve said the exact opposite 73 times, ”Cuomo told a reporter who asked whether he worried New Yorkers would now abandon social distancing restrictions.

Cuomo said he has sent a message of “stay the course” at “an annoying, repetitive level” because he wants to ensure the state does not reverse the progress it has made.

(4.) (BST) (BST) : ()

New York (governor) Andrew Cuomo Said the state will continue dealing with its coronavirus crisis until a vaccine is developed, which will likely not happen for (to) (months.)

“But there will be points between now and then when we can feel more confident,” Cuomo said.

The governor said he wanted New Yorkers to understand that although the worst might be behind them, precautions will need to be taken for many months to come, even if restrictions are somewhat eased.

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