October 19, 2019|10: 15 am

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agonized for months over which lefty Democrat to endorse for president – but it wasSen. Bernie Sanders ’recent heart attackthat pushed her into his camp.

“Her reaction was… he needs an injection of energy in the campaign,” a source close to hertold Business Insider.

AOC will announce her formal endorsement of Sanders at a“Bernie’s Back” rally in QueensSaturday.

She was a Sanders volunteer during his 2016 presidential campaign, but considered throwing her support to Sen. Elizabeth Warren – the socialist’s nearest ideological rival in the 2020 field.

But Sanders wooed her aggressively, inviting her to Vermont last month to request her “strategic guidance” andtaking her out to breakfastat a local diner.

Sanders has been slipping in the polls in recent weeks as Warren has surged.