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Biden and Sanders take part in first Democratic debate amid coronavirus crisis – live – the guardian,

Joe Biden s announcement tonight that he was pledging to select a woman as his running mate made a big splash, and that appears to be by design.

After the debate, Biden’s campaign said on a call with reporters that the former vice president decided he wanted to make the announcement on a “big stage.”

“It’s something he thought about a lot recently and he decided he wanted to make a big commitment on a big stage,” , one of Biden’s senior advisers, told reporters .

Trump has weighed in on tonight’s debate, criticizing the event as “VERY boring” and accusing Joe Biden

of lying about the president’s record on entitlement programs.

Donald J. Trump (@ realDonaldTrump) I must say, that was a VERY boring debate. Biden lied when he said I want to cut Social Security and Medicare. That’s what they ALL said 4 years ago, and nothing happened, in fact, I saved Social Security and Medicare. I will not be cutting, but they will. Be careful! March ,

It’s worth noting that, despite Trump’s repeated pledges to protect Medicare and Social Security , his administration’s annual budget

called for cuts to Medicare and Social Security disability programs.

. pm EDT :

Bernie Sanders expressed openness to the idea of ​​delaying the four primaries scheduled to take place on Tuesday.

Sanders said he was “not sure it makes a lot of sense” to hold the primaries as scheduled, considering the coronavirus crisis.

Some states, such as Louisiana and Georgia, have already said they will move their primaries because of the pandemic.

. pm EDT

Bernie Sanders noted in a post-debate interview that Joe Biden has started adopting some of his positions since becoming the frontrunner in the presidential primary .

For example, hours before tonight’s debate, Biden’s team announced he would propose making public universities tuition-free for families making less than $ ,

“Suddenly today, (Joe Biden) is a free spending socialist, my god. Hey, we’re going to pay for everything, ”Sanders joked to CNN’s

Anderson Cooper.

. (PM) (EDT) :

(Max Benwell)

Here’s how some pundits and experts have been responding to tonight’s debate online:

Jill Filipovic (@ JillFilipovic)

This was two hours of candidates mostly bickering back and forth about the past three decades when we’re living through a pandemic which was exacerbated by our current (Republican) president. The fact that this was a full hour of tonight’s # DemDebate

is beyond me. March ,

Josh Barro (@ jbarro)

Those “cognitive decline” talking points not looking so hot tonight.

March ,

Michelle Goldberg (@ michelleinbklyn)

Bernie making a valiant case for treating American as adults when talking about foreign countries

March ,

Dan Pfeiffer (@ danpfeiffer) This is the fault of both candidates, but having a debate about ‘s senate votes feels VERY discordant with the moment we are in right now

March ,

Dave Wasserman (@ Redistrict)

Biden getting stronger late in the debate. Sanders’s argument that only he can bring about unprecedented voter turnout needed to beat Trump doesn’t really resonate when he isn’t generating it now.

March 28,

Bernie Sanders reiterated his thinking on the coronavirus crisis in a post-debate interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Sanders said the country needs to help those who are suffering financially because of the crisis, but he added this can be “a time for reflection.”

“What happens after this crisis is over? And it will be over, ”Sanders said. “What kind of nation do we want to be?”

21 pm EDT :

In addition to the debate, there are more updates on how the US is reacting to the coronavirus crisis.

New York mayor Bill de Blasio has announced he will sign an executive order “limiting restaurants, bars and cafes to food take-out and delivery. Nightclubs, movie theaters, small theaters houses, and concert venues must all close. ” The order will go into effect on Tuesday.

For all of the latest updates on coronavirus, follow the Guardian’s live blog:

(pm) (EDT)

: Trump’s campaign criticizes debate and praises his coronavirus response

The president’s reelection campaign has released a statement criticizing Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders while praising Trump ‘s response to the coronavirus crisis.

“Unable to articulate a coronavirus plan, both Bernie and Biden offered little more than plagiarizing President Trump’s response, which will now be the model for all future pandemics,” said Kayleigh McEnany,

the press secretary of Trump’s campaign.

Both Biden and Sanders criticized Trump’s response to the crisis, accusing the president of dangerously downplaying the health threat and undermining health experts.

Earlier this evening, Trump spoke at a White House press conference and claimed the government has “tremendous control” on the situation, a statement that was contradicted moments later by Dr Anthony Fauci,

who said the worst was yet to come in the US.


Some of Joe Biden s critics accused him of misrepresenting his record after distancing himself from his past stances and claiming he opposes fracking, which is not reflected in his campaign platform.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of (Bernie Sanders ‘top surrogates, criticized Biden in a tweet:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@ AOC)

Don’t say you support a fracking ban when you don’t. Don’t say you didn’t write the bankruptcy bill when you were one of it’s biggest champions. Don’t say you supported ending Hyde a long time ago when you were just pressured into it last year.

This is basic. The truth matters.

(March) ,

(PM) (EDT) :

Debate closes on a final coronavirus question

The final question of the debate returned to coronavirus, with both candidates being asked for their closing message on the crisis. The two candidates ’answers served as a decent synopsis of tonight’s debate.

Bernie Sanders said the crisis required the country to consider how we reached this point and “where the power is in America.” He called on leaders to “rethink America and create a country where we care for each other.”

Joe Biden, on the other hand, described the Crisis as an “all hands on deck” situation that required the country to take extraordinary measures. However, he did not call for a broad reevaluation of the systems making up American society, as Sanders did.

With that, the 21 The Democratic debate came to a close.

(9.) pm EDT :

Just before the debate went to a commercial break, Bernie Sanders said he had concerns that Joe Biden could inspire the excitement needed to win a general election.

Biden responded by pointing out he has won some of the states that have seen the highest spike in voter turnout.

For example, in Virginia, where the number of Democratic primary voters nearly doubled from , Biden won by (points.)

CNN’s Dana Bash asked (Joe Biden) and Bernie Sanders about vulnerabilities in their bases of support.

Biden was asked about him losing Latinx voters to Sanders in a number of states, while Sanders was asked about his struggles to appeal to African-American voters.

Both Biden and Sanders dodged the question, pointing to other voting groups they are popular with to justify their weaknesses elsewhere.

(9.) (pm) (EDT) : 59

Bernie Sanders was asked about his past flattering comments about the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

The comments are newly relevant considering Florida, which has a large Cuban-American community, will hold its primary on Tuesday.

“I have opposed authoritarianism – whether it’s in it’s in Cuba, whether it’s in Saudi Arabia, whether it’s in China or whether it is in Russia,” Sanders said. “That is my life record.”

However, Sanders said the achievements of countries like China, such as decreasing poverty, should be recognized alongside their autocratic ways.

(Max Benwell)

Joe Biden’s promise that he would appoint a female vice president has generally been well-received . However, some have highlighted the (Democrats) who may be disappointed by his announcement, including two former (candidates:

Leonardo Carella (@ leonardocarella)

We now go live to Pete Buttigieg

# DemDebate (March) ,

After Biden promises to pick woman as VP, TV gets turned off at the homes of Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker and Beto O ‘Rourke # DemocraticDebate

(March) ,

David Mack (@ davidmackau) when biden commits to naming a woman as vp

March ,

It’s also sparked speculation about who the woman could be, as well as eye -rolling at the diversity on display at tonight’s all male debate:

every reporter scrambles to reach out to Kamala Harris / Stacey Abrams advisers

March 28,

Lainna Fader 🦋 (@ lainnafader) I can’t get excited about Biden Track to having a woman as a VP when there is a woman who should be on the stage tonight instead of him, who would have made a much better president than he could possibly be

March 28,

Updated (at 9.) (pm EDT

(9.) (pm) EDT

: 52

While the debate takes another commercial break, it’s worth noting Republican senator Lindsey Graham has said he tested negative for coronavirus.

Lindsey Graham (@ LindseyGrahamSC)

I look forward to getting back to work with my Senate colleagues and President Trump to contain this virus and Stabilize our economy.

Thank you very much for all the prayers and well wishes! (March) ,

Graham announced he would quarantine himself after having a meeting last week with Australia’s minister of home affairs, Peter Dutton, who subsequently tested positive for coronavirus.

(9.) pm EDT :

The conversation has turned to climate change, and Bernie Sanders argued the “existential crisis” requires the same level of response as the coronavirus pandemic.

Sanders argued Joe Biden s proposals do not go far enough to combat climate change. “I know your heart is in the right place, but this requires dramatic, bold action” Sanders told Biden.

Pushing back against Sanders, Biden interestingly agreed to “no new fracking,” which goes much farther than his previous statements and could come back to haunt him during the general election.

(). pm EDT :

Joe Biden said he would freeze deportations if he became president and would eventually only deport felons.

The answer came in response to a question about the

Obama administration ‘s immigration policy, which Biden has been criticized for.

Later asked whether undocumented immigrants arrested by local police should be turned over to immigration officials, Biden said no.

(Max Benwell)

While viewers seem to be enjoying the lack of audience tonight, many are missing one aspect that has been present in all the debates up until now: Elizabeth Warren.

People who would be useful on this stage tonight:

– Elizabeth Warren – Andrew Yang – Another Elizabeth Warren saying the same things that First Elizabeth Warren said just for emphasis (March) ,

would be nice if Elizabeth Warren were on this stage

(March) ,

If “I miss Elizabeth Warren” tweets were delegates, she’d really be going somewhere (March) ,

Some have also wished Warren was on stage so she could repeat her blistering performance in Las Vegas last month, where she very quickly dismantled Michael Bloomberg’s campaign


an abundance of caution (@ maxberger)

I wish that Elizabeth Warren was on stage so she could do to (Joe Biden

what she did to Michael Bloomberg. (March) ,

(9.) (PM) (EDT) :

Bernie Sanders declined to explicitly commit to choosing a woman as his running mate after Joe Biden said he would.

“In all likelihood, I will,” Sanders said when asked about whether he would choose a woman as his running mater. “My very strong tendency is to move in that direction.”

Sanders said it was important to him to choose a progressive running mate, but he acknowledged there are progressive women to choose from.

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