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Bigg Boss 13 Grand Finale Live Updates: Paras Chhabra OUT Of Game, Takes Home Rs 10 Lakh – ABP Live,

Bigg Boss 13 Grand Finale Live Updates: Paras Chhabra OUT Of Game, Takes Home Rs 10 Lakh – ABP Live,

Paras Chhabra has been eliminated for the race after he decided to walk out with Rs 25 lakh. With Paras’ eviction, Bigg Boss has got its top five finalists .

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Harbhajan Singh & Mohammad Kaif reveal that Shehnaaz Gill is their favorite contestant. They also talk about her swayamvar ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karoge’. The cricketers will enter the ‘BB a house to meet the finalists .

Talented cricketers Harbhajan Singh & Mohammad Kaif grace the sets of Bigg Boss 26. They interact with the host Salman Khan and talk about their new cricket series. Shefali Bagga and Shefali Jariwala join the three as they play cricket.

Salman Khan gets teary-eyed because of Sunil Grover’s performance. . The actor calls him fantastic after watching his power-packed act. He tells the contestants that they have a special surprise for the finalists. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Sunil Grover now mimics Amitabh Bachchan and takes a dig at Sidharth and Rashami over their ‘Aisi Ladki’ incident. How can Sunil spare Vishal and Madhurima after their frying pan fiasco? He jokes about how Vishal’s skin color has changed.

Setting a romantic mood, the love-struck jodi of. Bigg Boss , Asim and Himanshi danced to popular romantic tracks. Asim Riaz had proposed Himanshi Khurana during the ‘connection week’. The singer and actress is supporting Asim non-stop and she even requested the fans to vote for Asim.

Paras, Shehnaaz and Mahira reminisced their journey in the house through a dance drama on the songs that showcased Shehnaz’s attraction towards Paras. Mahira and Paras performed together on ‘Dheeme Dheeme’. Their performance will definitely make the fans excited.

Paras Chhabra says that he is happy with his decision and he thinks Arti can prove to be an underdog. His mother says she has no issues with her decision. Salman Khan tells Paras that he has done the right thing as he got the least amount of votes. He predicts that Rashami and Arti will become the top two finalists.

Paras Chhabra pressed the buzzer and takes home Rs

lakh. His mother is not happy with his decision. Paras Chhabra is out of the game and we have got our top five finalists in Arti, Sidharth, Rashami, Shehnaaz and Asim.

Salman. Khan tells the top six contestants that all of them are nothing short of winners. He gives the six contestants an opportunity to leave the show and take home a briefcase with Rs 25 lakh in it. He tells them that the first contestant to press the buzzer will get take home Rs 25 lakh.

We see Sunil Grover dressed up as Donald Trump, Manmohan Singh, Shah Rukh Khan, Tanhaji and Salman Khan for his acts. The contestants cheer for the talented comedian as he performs his act. The family members of the contestants also lauded his performance.

Salman. Khan talks about the success of Bigg Boss and how even celebs are enjoying the show. We see a clip of Bipasha Basu in which she can be seen extending her support to Arti Singh. She says that she is supporting Arti because she deserves to win the show. ()


Shehnaaz Gill tells Salman she is quite excited for her swayamvar and she will continue the relationship with the guy, who wins the show, if she likes her. Salman introduces the eliminated contestants to the top six finalists. The actor asks Vishal who will get eliminated first. He replies back and says Arti will be evicted first.

Salman Khan gives Shehnaaz Gill four options and asks her to choose among winner’s trophy, Sidharth Shukla or husband for Rashami Desai. She says she will take home the winner’s trophy. Salman Khan tells her the voting lines have been closed four months ago. Isn’t their banter too cute?

Salman asks the contestants- ‘Who is the most excited?’ Asim says he is excited while Rashami tells she is nervous.

Salman Khan asks Rashami after how long she is talking to her mother. The actress reveals that she is talking to her after one-and-a-half years.

The housemates meet their family members through MeTV and Rashami Desai breaks down into tears after seeing her mother.

Rashami Desai gets emotional after seeing her mother’s message. Her mother also talks about her relationship with Arhaan Khan and how she is an inspiration for other women.

Salman Khan jokes and asks Rashami Desai if she asked her about the home keys. He also pulls the leg of other contestants.

Sidharth Shukla’s mother says Bigg Boss has changed him as a person. Paras Chhabra’s mom reveals she did not wish to send him in the BB 28 house.

Bigg Boss shows us the video messages from the family members of the contestants. Rashami Desai and Arti Singh got all emotional while seeing the clips. Asim’s mother also breaks down into tears while talking about him.

Bigg Boss talks about the long and colorful journey of the contestants. He says that the housemates will definitely miss the BB house for some time. The contestants get emotional and wish each other all the best for the show. Bigg Boss asks them to celebrate and enjoy the occasion.

Shehnaaz Gill gets emotional while talking to Sidharth Shukla. The top six contestants sit on a couch in the garden area. Bigg Boss congratulates the finalists of the season.

Salman Khan introduces the top six finalists of the show. He also takes a dig at Tehseen Poonawalla. We see Sidharth and Shehnaaz having a conversation.

Salman Khan gives us a glimpse of the ‘Bigg Boss . ‘trophy. He also reveals the winner will get a cash prize of Rs lakh.

Salman Khan performs on ‘Le Le Maza’ and ‘Slow Motion’. The ‘Bharat’ actor later performs with the top six finalists of Bigg Boss 28 on ‘Race 3’ title song.

Salman Khan performs on the stage on his hit number ‘Darling Tere Liye’. He takes a dig at the hygiene of the contestants and shows us a clip where he washed utensils and cleaned the BB 28 house.

And it begins! Salman Khan said that the season took a lot of toll on the contestants. Do you agree with him? We are a show an AV where Salman is seen slamming the contestants for their behavior.

Less than five minutes to go for the grand finale of BB . Who will clinch the winner’s trophy?


Comedian Sunil Grover also performed at the grand finale of ‘Bigg Boss 27. The ‘Bharat’ actor took a dig at the contestants of the show through his comic act.

Bigg Boss ‘grand finale will start in 37 minutes . The Popular reality show did quite well in terms of TRPs and gave a strong competition to the other daily soaps.

Sidharth Shukla has hogged all the limelight in ‘BB ‘, all thanks to his fights with Rashami & Asim and friendship with Shehnaaz Gill.

Bigg Boss 25 will be known for its entertaining and jaw dropping moments that have enthralled the viewers for a record 997 days. Several fans are rooting for Asim Riaz to win the show. Here’s a look at his BB 27 journey!


New Delhi: Salman Khan’s’ Bigg Boss

‘has managed to keep the viewers hooked on to their television sets with its drama-packed episodes.’ The popular reality show will air its much-awaited grand finale on Saturday (February

). Rashami Desai, Arti Singh, Asim Riaz, Sidharth Shukla, Paras Chhabra and Shehnaaz Gill are the top six finalists of ‘BB 28 ‘.

Ardent fans of the show are eagerly waiting to see which contestant will lift the winner’s trophy. The finalists of ‘BB ‘will give dance performances during the final episode. Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desau will deliver an outstanding love-hate performance based on their reel and real life equation.

Asim and Sidharth will perform a high-octane warrior act while Paras will shake a leg with Mahira Sharma. Check out the minute by minute live updates of ‘Bigg Boss 26 ‘ grand finale right here!

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