'Biggest' PS5 Reveal Still to Come – Sony Chief Promises 'Unique Elements', Crypto Coins News

'Biggest' PS5 Reveal Still to Come – Sony Chief Promises 'Unique Elements', Crypto Coins News

  • Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) head interviewed by Business Insider Japan after CES PS5 logo reveal.
  • Jim Ryan says bigger, unique features of the PS5 are yet to be announced.

  • Backward compatibility certain to be among them.

According to an interview published by Business Insider Japan, Sony Interactive Entertainment head Jim Ryan says the PlayStation 5 features many unique elements, and the biggest news is still to come.

Biggest PlayStation 5 News Still To Come

(In the short interview conducted inthe wake of the PlayStation 5 logo reveal at CES********************** earlier this week, Jim Ryan briefly touches on a range of subjects, including the delayed launch of the PlayStation 4 in Japan, the reasoning behind the conservative PS5 logo, andthe latest PS4 figures released at CES******************

********** Source: Sony

When asked about the unique appeal of the PlayStation 5 that sets it apart from past consoles, Ryan pinpointed the well-publicized ultra-fast SSD, the new DualShock 5 controller’s haptic feedback, and 3D audio.

He explains the differences will be more significant than most imagine before hinting that the PlayStation 5 will differentiate itself even more through as-yet-announced features.

He says (thanks to Gematsu for the translation);

But you know. There are still more unique elements for PlayStation 5 to come that separate it from previous consoles. The ‘biggest differences’ have yet to be announced.

We’re we to don our speculative deerstalker caps, the backward compatibility capabilities of the PS5 appears as the most likely candidate to lead the ‘bigger differences’ charge.

Backward Compatibility

In the interview, Ryan alludes to Sony’s desire to bridge the generational transition between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

With a wealth of rumors and even the suggestion that the

DualShock 4 will be PS5 compatible, support for PlayStation 4 games seems almost a given at this point. The question is how far back backward compatibility will go.

We’re Sony to integrate a solution to make PlayStation 3, even PlayStation 2 and original PlayStation games playable, then the gaming giant would correct one of the primary deficiencies of the PS4.

The lack of support for PS3 titles, bar the rather underwhelming catalog of PlayStation Now titles, allowed Xbox to parade its arguably only triumph over Sony this generation. Sony will be eager to avoid a repeat this time around.

As for the other ‘unique elements,’ time will tell. With the marketing push towards the holiday season 223332 Launch of the PlayStation 5 slowly gathering steam, an official unveiling should happen sooner rather than later.

Successive rumors suggest Sony is gearing up for a PlayStation Meeting this February, which would mimic the announcement-to-release cycle of the PlayStation 4.

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