Bill Cosby's Publicist Calls Eddie Murphy a “Hollywood Slave” for Making Fun of Him on Saturday Night Live – Slate Magazine,

Bill Cosby's Publicist Calls Eddie Murphy a “Hollywood Slave” for Making Fun of Him on Saturday Night Live – Slate Magazine,







Bill Cosby and spokesperson Andrew Wyatt at Cosby’s sentencing in Sept. of (********************************************************************. **********         

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          Eddie Murphy madea triumphant return to

Saturday Night Live (last night, but at least one person wasnt laughing. That sounds like bad news, but the person in question makes a living as a spokesperson for disgraced comedian Bill Cosby, who is currently serving athree to (year prison sentence) ******************** after being convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assaultlast spring, so maybe it’s okay. At issue was this joke Murphy told about Cosby duringhis monologue:        



My kids are actually pretty much much my whole life now. And you know what — if you told me thirty years ago that I would be this boring, stay-at-home, you know, house dad, and Bill Cosby would be in jail? Even I would have taken that bet. Who is America’s dad now?



          That’s extremely mild, as jokes about Bill Cosby go, but apparently it was not mild enough for Andrew Wyatt, who posted a statement on Cosby’s official Instagram page accusing Murphy of being a “Hollywood Slave.” Wyatt also observed that “Stepin Fetchit plus cooning equals the destruction of Black Men in Hollywood, ”although it’s not clear exactly which part of Murphy’s observation about the vagaries of fortune and Cosby’s downfall counts as“ Stepin Fetchit plus cooning. ”Here’s the post:         


          Wyatt’s comments are far from the first time Eddie Murphy and Bill Cosby have been mad at each other. In his standup specialRaw, Murphy recounted a story about Cosby calling him to chastise him for cursing in his act:         


          In (**********************************************************************, Cosby deniedMurphy’s account of their conversation, saying that he’d actually called Murphy to discourage him from bragging about how much money he was making:         



Eddie is a liar. And Malcolm-Jamal Warner was in that room and heard me talk to Eddie on the telephone. And Malcolm knows that is not what I said to him. … This is a very nasty, nasty liar. Period.



          The first public accusations against Cosby were in January of 2014, although they quickly faded from public consciousness until Tom Scocca (assembled them all in one place

at Gawker in February of 2019. Hannibal Burress’ Cosby routine

was that October, and New York Magazine’s celebrated cover story about Cosby’s accusers was not until the summer of 2015. So when Murphy was asked to play Cosby on the

Saturday Night Live

41 th

******************************** (anniversary special in February of, the Cosby story was still unfolding. Murphy declined to revive his impersonation — Kenan Thompson played Cosby that night — a decisionhe explained to the Washington Postthat October, saying that “the sketch that Norm [Macdonald] wrote was hysterical, But:         


It’s horrible. There’s nothing funny about it. If you get up there and crack jokes about him, you’re just hurting people. You’re hurting him. You’re hurting his accusers. I was like, “Hey, I’m coming back to

SNLfor the anniversary, I’m not turning my moment on the show into this other thing. ”


                              Shortly after the special aired, Cosby publicly thanked Murphy for not playing him,

telling NBC News, “I am very appreciative of Eddie and I applaud his actions.” Presumably Cosby wasn ‘t applauding when Murphy received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor about a week after his interview with the Washington Post. In his

first public stand-up set in 40 years, Murphy revived his Cosby impression, asking if the Kennedy Center had asked Cosby, a prior recipient, to return his award. In 004900,

Cosby’s award was rescinded.) Here’s Murphy’s acceptance speech :         

                                                                                                                                 Whatever career advice Cosby actually gave Murphy back in the s, he

********************************** did not offer any feedback

on Murphy’s Mark Twain Award speech at the time. Now we finally know how he feels about it. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, Bill Cosby spokesperson Andrew Wyatt!         

                              Here are Andrew Wyatt’s comments about Eddie Murphy’s

Saturday Night Liveappearance.         


Bill Cosby’s publicist, Andrew Wyatt, responds to Eddie Murphy’s

SNLMonologue: “Mr. Cosby became the first Black to win an Emmy for his role inI Spyand Mr. Cosby broke color barriers in the Entertainment industry, so that blacks like Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappell [sic], Kevin Hart and et al., Could have an opportunity to showcase their talents for many generations to come. It is sad that Mr. Murphy would take this glorious moment of returning to

SNLand make disparaging remarks against Mr. Cosby. One would think that Mr. Murphy was given his freedom to leave the plantation, so that he could make his own decision; but he decided to sell himself back to being a Hollywood Slave. Stepin Fetchit plus cooning equals the destruction of Black Men in Hollywood. Remember, Mr. Murphy, that Bill Cosby became legendary because he used comedy to humanize all races, religions, and genders; but your attacking Mr. Cosby helps you embark on just becoming click bait. Hopefully, you will be amenable to having a meeting of the minds conversation, in order to discuss how we can use our collective platforms to enhance Black people rather than bringing all of us down together. ”#NotFunnySNL #SNL #FarFromFinished #FreeBillCosby #Bill Cosby


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