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                 has just launched an exciting new program for its users. The new ‘Loyalty Club’is a reward system designed for a win-win scenario at the Bitcoin casino, where players are instantly rewarded each time they play, regardless of the outcome. The aim is to ultimately replace the typical default deposit-based bonuses found in most casinos, with a robust and customized reward system.

In this new system, rewards are proportionate to how much players play games. Playing more games will lead to more rewards, and rewards have no preset value. Instead,custom-made rewards are introduced, ensuring bonuses are fully controlled by players based on their preferenceswith zero interference from Bitcasino. To further ensure a genuinely transparent background, all players will have equal access to earn rewards, regardless of their gaming statistics.

The new loyalty and reward system is built from the ground up to give back to Bitcasino loyal users. Every single wager counts, helping push players towards the next milestone, enabling them to freely enjoy their game without restrictions or hidden fees. These users are able to reach any of Loyalty Club’s 7 levels and 22 milestones without the hassles of finding out exactly what they need to do to get higher levels such as the notoriously difficult and obscure VIP status that regular casinos offer. Having unlocked a milestone or level, the player will seamlessly access rewards which are instantly deposited into personal accounts.

Bitcasino’s Director of Casino, Tauri Tiitsaar, provides some insight into the complicated world of casinos and how Bitcasino is focused on changing the outlook of the industry. He says that players generally find the world of casino bonuses complicated and confusing, so Bitcasino has decided to try and let them control their own experience in this regard with the new loyalty program:

“We’ve shown our players the fun, fast and fair way of gaming and now it’s time to take it another step further. ”

This is only one in many steps that Bitcasino will take in its mission to revolutionize the crypto gaming scene, slowly changing how people view the industry. With a vast and intriguing array of games including table games, casino and slots, the platform seeks to do away with all deposit-based bonuses and rewards from its services.

This unprecedented move, along with so many other leading aspects, such as the withdrawal times of around 1.5 minutes, speed and security, makes Bitcasino among the most sort after Bitcoin- led casino. Thanks to these competitive edges, Bitcasino is ready to break down the walled garden of the casino market.

Tauri Tiitsaar believes the company is already moving in the right direction, and giving back to its fast-growing loyal user base is the beginning of many firsts:

“After receiving a lot of valuable feedback regarding how we reward players over the years, we knew from the beginning of the loyalty development process it was crucial for our players to be able to take full control of their rewards. I’m proud to say our revolutionary program lets them do just that. ”

Thelicensed Bitcoin casino platformallows players to enjoy discounts of up to 10% in cash rebates among other exciting features includingfree spins, points multipliers, and rewards in a real-time currency of their choice.

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