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Black Friday iPad deals sales prices

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We’re deep into the sales and we’re seeing some great iPad deals appear already, with the iPad Air, the iPad Mini and the iPad Pro already dropped in price – and both the older 9.7-inch iPad and the newer 10. 2-inch version getting discounts too.

It seems that every retailer wants to go after the coveted ‘best iPad Black Friday deal’, trying to rival the amazing price for the main iPad last year.

To help, we’re scouring them all to bring you the Black Friday iPad deals that offer real value for money across Apple’s range of tablets.

The best prices so far are on smaller 2017 iPad Pro and iPad 2018 models, but iPad Mini 2019 deals are starting to come through as well, meaning you can save even more.

There’s also plenty more deals on larger iPad Pro storage sizes and iPad Air prices are starting to come down as well, so we can confidently say that this year Black Friday sales are the right place to bag an iPad bargain.

There are plenty moreBlack Friday dealsto get excited about, so check out our hub for a full rundown of everything going on sale this weekend.

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Apple’s flagship 2019 iPad received a number of updates over the previous model on release in March. You can now use the full sized Smart Keyboard and connect external storage solutions with Apple’s central line of iPads.

At 10. 2-inch, the display matches that of the Air model, but with a few specs under the hood that don’t live up to its sibling. Still, the A 12 Bionic chip remains, and if you’re looking to save as much cash as you can on a 2019 model this Black Friday, these iPad deals are for you.

Black Friday iPad 2019 deals (USA)

(iPad) .2-inch (2019) WiFi GB |$ 329$ 279 at Best Buy
If you’re looking for the cheapest 2019 iPad out there this Black Friday, this 10 .2-inch iPad might be the one for you. At under $ 300, this is a great price for an Apple tablet, but unless you’re just looking for some streaming entertainment and lighter apps you might want to take a second look at that small 32 GB of storage.WiFi and Cellular version available starting at$ 409.
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(iPad) .2-inch (2019 (WiFi) GB |$ 429$ 379. 99 at Best Buy
The latest in Apple’s flagship iPad line, the 2019 10. 2-inch iPad is a remarkable step up from the previous vanilla iPads on offer. Plus, this 128 GB of storage looks even better at $ 399.WiFi and Cellular version available for$ 509.View Deal

Black Friday iPad 2019 deals (UK)

iPad 10 .2-inch (2019) WiFi 32 GB |(£)£ 299 at John Lewis
The 2019 iPad hasn’t seen it’s Black Friday deals pop up in the UK yet, so this is the cheapest you can currently grab the model today, but it does come with afree two-year guarantee. 32 GB is more suited to light entertainment than heavy graft so bear that in mind when choosing your storage size.View Deal

iPad 10 .2-inch (2019 (WiFi) GB |(£) (£) at Amazon
For a 2019 iPad with more storage potential, the highest you can go is this 128 GB model. With far more storage than its tiny 32 GB sibling, this version is more suited to heavy duty apps and multi-tasking. You’ll also be able to download and store more high quality entertainment and documents.WiFi and Cellular version available for£ 549.
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(iPad) .2-inch (2019) WiFi 128 GB |£ 409 at John Lewis
John Lewis’ price on the same 128 GB model comes in at just £ 409 this Black Friday , but they do offer that two-year guarantee included. So if you’re at all concerned about the future safety of your new tablet, the extra £ 20 will offer priceless peace of mind.
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Last year iPad model may see significant discounts over its newer counterparts, but unless you’re on a real bargain hunt, you may be better off spending just that little bit extra to pick up a brand new model this year.

Black Friday iPad deals will be volatile for this 9.7-inch tablet , Especially seeing as it’s been technically discontinued. If you manage to find a deal it will likely be for a renewed model, but there’s nothing wrong with picking up a super cheap iPad like this, especially at a price that makes it perfect for kids.

Black Friday iPad deals (USA)

(iPad 9.7-inch) 2018) (WiFi Cellular) GB |$ 459$ 329 at Walmart
If you’re looking for a cheap iPad to keep the kids entertained or to stream your favorite shows and movies, this the deal for you. 32 GB won’t get you too far in the way of large apps and downloads, but it will certainly support the light use this price tag is targeting. This price has gone up slightly since last week, so for now you’re better off grabbing the later model listed above from Amazon.
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(iPad 9.7-inch) (WiFi Cellular) GB |$ 599$ (at Walmart)
If you’re looking to store more apps or entertainment on your iPad and keep that cellular option going then this 128 GB model from Walmart comes in with a $ 130 Saving.View Deal

(Black Friday iPad) deals (UK)

(iPad 9.7-inch) 2018) WiFi 128 GB |£ 409(£) at John Lewis
If you’re looking for a cheap iPad to watch all your favorite shows, listen to music, take notes, and draw with for less than £ 400, today is your lucky day. The 128 GB model of the 2018 iPad comes in as great value for money on a normal day, but with a £ 40 discount and a free two-year guarantee included this is no normal day. Grab this larger model if you’re an App Store fiend, as you can easily store a large number of apps and Apple Arcade experiences with that extra room in the back.
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(iPad Pro)

The Pro is already storming ahead in discounts this Black Friday. While the 2018 model is offering major discounts across the board, you’ll also be able to find the earlier 2017 instalment at fantastic prices this Black Friday.

The 2018 model was released as Apple’s answer to portable laptop computing with intuitive multitasking and touch features .

Choose between two sizes of gorgeous edge to edge liquid retina displays, complete with FaceID. The 11 – inch will save you some cash and bag space, but the 12. 9-inch model really is the prime pick up for creatives and power users looking to work with their iPad Pro.

An A 12 X bionic chipset means the Pro packs a punch under its sleek exterior as well, with the most powerful iPad yet living up to its name.

If you’re looking for Black Friday iPad deals and you fancy the Pro, you’ll need to decide which screen size you’re after as well as how much storage you need.

Both models come in (GB /) **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (GB /) GB / 1TB configurations, with starting prices to reflect each step up.

(Black Friday iPad Pro deals (USA)

(iPad Pro) .5-inch (2017) WiFi 256 GB |$ 799$ 629 at Walmart
This is an older release from Apple but it still sports impressive specs that can support multi-tasking between fairly high powered apps and hold a wealth of downloads. This 256 GB version is a happy medium of storage and price tag that will satisfy a range of everyday and professional needs.
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(iPad Pro) *******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************. (5) 2017 (WiFi) GB |$ 999$ 699 at Walmart
You’ll especially like this if you want to fill your tablet up with apps and media – spend just $ 70 more and you can upgrade your storage to a massive 512 GB. At this size you can take full advantage of the more powerful features of the iPad Pro, so don’t take the decision lightly.
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(iPad Pro) – inch WiFi 64 GB |$ 799$ (at Amazon)
The smallest iPad Pro available is also carrying an even smaller price tag at Amazon this week. With a saving of $ 124, this 64 GB iPad Pro is perfectly suited to running a range of apps and storing a few movies and shows on top. You won’t want to be using this for any heavy-duty media work but note-taking and light art will be lightning fast.WiFi and Cellular version available for$ 799.
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iPad Pro 11 – Inch WiFi 256 GB |$ 949$ 869 at Amazon
If you don’t think 64 GB is going to serve your needs, this (GB) – inch iPad Pro is just $ 869 at Amazon this week. Linked here is the Silver model, but the Space Gray version comes in at$ 879if you prefer that.WiFi and Cellular version available for$ 1019View Deal

iPad Pro 12 .9-inch WiFi |$ 100 off at Amazon
Amazon have knocked £ 100 off their range of 12 .9-inch iPad Pro tablets. Linked here is the relatively tiny 64 GB model for just $ 899, but you can pick up the(GB) version for $ 1,0 49,512 GBfor $ 1, 249, and a whole1TBfor $ 1, 449.
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(iPad Pro) .9-inch WiFi Cellular 1TB |(£ 1, 869 (£ 1, 499 at Amazon
This Black Friday iPad deal slashes a huge £ 370 off the price of the most premium iPad Pro configuration, with the biggest screen, huge swathes of storage space and cellular connection. It was pretty pricey before, but this new lowest-ever price makes it much more tempting for people who need such a device.
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Black Friday iPad Pro deals (UK)

(iPad Pro) .5-inch (2017) WiFi GB |(£) £ 449 at Currys
If you want more storage in your iPad Pro , this 256 GB version is a happy medium. You’ll be able to store all of your everyday apps as well as loads of films, music, and games for under £ 450.
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iPad Pro 10 .5-inch (2017 (WiFi) ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** GB£ 749£ 449 at Currys
The best way to pick up a cheap 512 GB iPad Pro, this model may be two years old but it’s certainly cheap at Currys this week. If you’re at all concerned about your storage size, you’re better off springing the extra £ 50 over the 256 GB models above.
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(iPad Pro) – inch WiFi 64 GB |(£)£ 719 at Currys
This is the smallest iPad Pro of its generation – but also the cheapest. The iPad Pro 11 – inch is part of the (range and offers the A) X bionic chip and the bezel-less display design that has made the Pro range so immediately recognisable. This is certainly a lighter model, and with 64 GB of storage you will be able to store a few larger apps and downloads but if you’re looking for more power, you might want to fiddle with those specifications.
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iPad Pro – inch WiFi 256 GB |(£) (£) at Currys
If you’re looking for more storage space , you might want to consider this iPad Black Friday deal from Currys. You’ll be able to store a good few high-performance apps as well as a fair number of HD downloads with (GB.)View Deal

(iPad Pro) – inch WiFi 1TB WiFi Cellular |(£ 1, 669£ 1, (at Amazon)
Sure, that price is high, but for the best tablet ever, what do you expect? With £ 200 knocked off, it’s decently discounted though, and that’s more than enough cash to buy yourself an Apple Pencil, smart keyboard, and have some spare change left over.
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iPad Pro 12 .9-inch WiFi 64 GB |(£)£ 929 at Currys
Currys have knocked £ 40 off the price of the physically largest iPad Pro on the market right now. A massive Liquid Retina display serves as a delightful computing experience, with iPad OS 13 introducing new multi-tasking features that feel tailor-made for the 12 .9-inch screen. You can also pick up the 256 GB version for£ 1.0 69or the (GB model for) £ 1, (£ (off).
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(iPad Pro) .9-inch WiFi 256 GB |£ 1, 119£ 1.0 at Amazon
Thanks to the iCloud not everyone needs a whopping 1TB storage; this iPad Pro 12 9 has 256 GB, with is more than enough for most people. With £ 50 off it’s almost into triple digits, and it’s cheaper than some of the new iPhone 11 devices at that price.
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iPad Pro 12 .9-inch WiFi 1TB |£ 1, 719(£ 1, (at AO)
Save £ 320 on the biggest iPad ever released. This massive 1TB version of the 12 .9-inch iPad is literally ready for anything. It will be able to handle a massive number of high-performance apps, high definition downloads, and multitasking between them all with amazing processing speeds.
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(iPad Pro) .9-inch WiFi Cellular 1TB |£ 1, 869£ 1 , 499 at AmazonThis Black Friday iPad deal slashes a huge £ 370 off the price of the most premium iPad Pro configuration, with the biggest screen, huge swathes of storage space and cellular connection. It was pretty pricey before, but this new lowest-ever price makes it much more tempting for people who need such a device.
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(iPad Air)

The 2019 iPad Air is a toned-down versio n of the Pro without the widescreen treatment and with a less impressive A 12 chip, but the price tag to reflect its more chilled out specs.

You certainly won’t get as much power out of this 2019 release as you will the 2018 Pro, but the Air is designed for users with less of a need for high performance all the time.

The iPad Air is the affordable everyday answer to the performance of the Pro, perfectly suited for people after a bit more juice in their everyday multi-tasking activities but without the need for, and budget for, a creative powerhouse.

Black Friday iPad Air deals (USA)

(iPad Air) (WiFi) GB |$ 499$ 469 at Walmart
You can save $ 30 on the 10 .5-inch iPad Air at Walmart, grabbing a 64 GB Silver or Space Gray model for just $ 469. The iPad Air supports the Apple Pencil and packs much of the power of an iPad Pro in a more portable shell. (View Deal)

(iPad Air) ) WiFi

GB | 1 year Apple TV |$ 499. 99 at Best Buy
Best Buy are throwing in a year of Apple TV with this 64 GB iPad Air. At $ 49. 99 by itself, the inclusion of Apple’s new streaming service makes this a great Black Friday iPad deal as you’re essentiall y getting the new iPad Air for just $ 450. If you’re not fussed about streaming, we’d recommend the deal above though. This deal is also available on the256 GB versionbut it still works out $ 1 cheaper to buy the two separately looking at Amazon’s current offers.WiFi and Cellular version available for$ 629. 99.View Deal

Black Friday iPad Air deals (UK)

(iPad Air) .5-inch (2019 (WiFi) GB |£ 479(£) at Currys
The 2019 iPad Air model offers a power upgrade from the flagship range but doesn’t quite reach the lofty heights of the Pro – it’s a good middle point if you’re planning on using your iPad for both work and play. Currys has cut the price on their 64 GB andGBmodels.
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(iPad Air) WiFi GB |(£)£ 588 at Amazon
Amazon have just unleashed their iPad Black Friday sale on this larger iPad Air model. Quadruple your storage size over the 64 GB model for just £ 140 more. If you’re planning to use your new iPad for more heavy duty work on the go, you might want to consider this roomy 256 GB version.
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(iPad Mini)

The iPad Mini has gotten a rough deal in the life cycle of its product line. As both iPhone and iPads get bigger, a shrunk down version of Apple’s tablet was always going to get caught in the crossfire.

Nevertheless, the iPad Mini has its audience, and the boosted 2019 release certainly quells some performance fears from naysayers. It may be small, but the A 12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine still remain, keeping this tiny note taking dream nifty and smooth.

Now compatible with Apple Pencil, the Mini is the most portable iPad ever released and works its compact size to its advantage with a 10 hour battery life.

Black Friday iPad Mini deals (USA)

(iPad Mini) 2019) WiFi 64 GB | 1 year Apple TV |$ 399. 99 at Best Buy
If you were already planning on buying a year of Apple TV , this is the 64 GB iPad Mini deal for you. Best Buy is throwing in a full 12 – month subscription to Apple’s new streaming service with this iPad Mini. For the Mini’s small size and portable design, 64 GB may serve you well but if you want more storage space you can also save on the 256 GB version below.WiFi and Cellular version available for$ 529. 99.
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iPad Mini (2019 (WiFi) GB |$ 399. 99$ 384 at Amazon
This 64 GB iPad Mini is just $ 15 off at Amazon at the moment. Admittedly, we may still see savings rise above this level on this particular deal but if you’re looking for the cheapest way to get a 2019 iPad right now, this is your best bet.
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(iPad Mini) 2019 WiFiGB |$ 549$ 519 at Amazon
This 256 GB version of the latest iPad Mini is $ 30 off at Amazon this week. That’s a fair saving on a 2019 Apple iPad, but we’re unsure if Friday’s sales will improve on that price tag. That said, there’s no point ignoring a good deal when it pops up, and this is certainly the cheapest you can pick this model up for at the moment.
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(iPad Mini) (WiFi) GB | 1 year Apple TV |$ 549. 99 at Best Buy
You can look at this deal two ways. You’re either getting the new iPad Mini with loads of storage for the low price of $ 500 if you were already planning on buying Apple TV , or you’re getting a year of streaming content for $ 20 cheaper than you would if you went with the Amazon deal above. Whichever way you do look at it, this is a great new Black Friday iPad deal from Best Buy.WiFi and Cellular version available for$ 679. 99
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Black Friday iPad Mini deals (UK)

(iPad Mini) 2019 (WiFi) GB |(£)£ 384 at Amazon
This £ 12 saving on an iPad Mini may not be the most exciting discount on this list, but it’s the first Black Friday iPad Mini deal the UK has se en so far. You can pick up the Gold model slightly cheaper at£ 379 from Currys. Stay updated for more sales, but for now, this is the cheapest you’ll get the (GB model.)View Deal

(iPad Mini) 2019) WiFi CellularGB |(£) (£) ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (at Very)
Very have knocked £ 100 off the Wifi and cellular version of the 64 GB iPad Mini. This is the best price on this model going at the moment, though you are limited to the Gold version here. Remember to factor in the cost of a data contract if you’re going to be using the cellular feature, however.
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(iPad Mini) 2019 WiFiGB |(£) (£) . 99 at Amazon
Save £ 29 on the latest iPad Mini 256 GB at Amazon this week. A step up from the previous 64 GB model , you’ll be able to store all the apps you might need on a day to day basis as well as loads of films, documents, and music on this light and portable Apple tablet.
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(iPad Mini) ) Wifi Cellular 256 GB |(£)£ 569 at VeryIf you want to take your iPad Mini out and about, and still want a reliable internet connection, you’ll want to check out this £ 100 saving with Very this week. The 256 GB model is available for just £ 569 in the run-up to Black Friday, though you will need to factor in contract costs on top. Linked here is the Space Gray version, but you can also pick this deal up in (Silver) and (Gold) .View Deal

Black Friday iPad deals to expect in 2019

The most expensive (but also potentially the most lucrative) Black Friday iPad deals this year will go to the iPad Pro model. The 11 – inch and 12 .9-inch com puting powerhouses have threatened the laptop market since their release last year, but the lack of a 2019 installment in the product line means Apple may not be too quick to discount their elite model.

On the other hand, if they are indeed planning on announcing a new iPad Pro next Spring, retailers may be keen to shift stock of the earlier 2018 model.

Last year we saw Black Friday iPad Pro deals offer $ 50 off the listing price, but these models have been out in the wild for a year now so we may well see bigger savings in 2019.

We’re already seeing the same models with $ 100 discounts in pre-Black Friday sales, so whichever way the shopping season goes, we’re confident we’ll see some discounts on iPad Pro models from retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy.

Similarly, we’re also starting to see prices fall on iPad Air and Mini models. Black Friday iPad deals offering $ 20 – $ 40 off these newer releases are already starting to come through, so bagging a cheap iPad this November is looking likelier with every passing sale.

Plus, with the Pro, Air, and Mini models each offering a unique selling point to different types of consumers, Apple or its retailers will also be keen to discount their flagship iPad 2019 model as a catch-all for straggling decision-makers. It’s this model that may well see the cheapest price over the November weekend.

Which Black Friday iPad deal should I buy?

2019 saw three new models enter the marketplace, though left the Pro back in 2018. The 2019 iPad Air, Mini , and flagship iPad model will all see their first Black Friday this year, which means they’ll see some discounts, but potentially not as much as the higher end 2018 iPad Pro.

We’ve seen strong indicators from the likes of Amazon Prime Day and various ad hoc retailer sales throughout the year that iPad Pro models are losing their shelf value stability in their second year of life, so Black Friday is likely to be an excellent time for those looking to pick up a high-end tablet.

Whatever model you’re looking for,Black Fridayis always a good time to be on the hunt for an iPad. With prices already seeming particularly volatile in the lead up to the big shopping weekend, we’re confident there are big savings to be had this month.

How to get the best Black Friday iPad deals

In general, it’s best to avoid the Apple store’s Black Friday iPad deals. The iPad Pro is still their only elite model out, despite being a year old, and its siblings are barely out of the box with their 2019 releases. Apple will therefore likely offer the same kind of sales as they historically have done; bundle offers with software gift cards.

You’ll be better off keeping an eye on Amazon, Walmart , and Best Buy for cold hard Black Friday iPad deals. While the iPad Mini, Air, and flagship 2019 model will see discounts across the board, it’s the higher-end 2018 iPad Pro models that will likely see the most money off this Black Friday.

We’ll be scouring all the best retailers to find you the cheapest Black Friday iPad deals right here on this page, so bookmark it and come back as soon as your turkey’s finished to grab the best discounts as soon as they come in.

Make sure you’re keeping an eye on all the peripheral deals you might want to pick up at the same time! We’ll be tracking all thebest Apple AirPods Black Friday dealsso stay in touch to pick up some earbuds for your new tablet, or grab a greatiPhone Black Friday deal!

Stay tuned for all the best Black Friday iPad deals. We’ll be scouring all your favorite retailers for the best discounts across the November shopping weekend, so be sure to save this page to be the first to know of top sales. From the bestBlack Friday TV dealsall the way through to the topBlack Friday Apple Watch deals.

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