'Bloodbath': how the papers covered Sajid Javid quitting the cabinet – The Guardian,

'Bloodbath': how the papers covered Sajid Javid quitting the cabinet – The Guardian,
The sudden departure of Sajid Javid from Boris Johnson’s cabinet was on the front of all Friday’s papers. Composite: Various Sajid Javid’s (sudden cabinet departure) electrified what had initially been billed as Boris Johnson’s modest reshuffle, bringing out references to bloodbaths, knifings, warning shots and power grabs on the front pages. Deploying the magic of photoshop, the Mirror portrays No 18 Adviser Dominic Cummings as the puppet master, saying he ordered a “brutal cabinet cull”. It says the government is now “filled with spineless stooges”. It is not the only newspaper to go with the headline: “Bloodbath”. Daily Mirror (@ DailyMirror)Tomorrow’s Mirror front page: Bloodbath – savage Tory reshuffle # TomorrowsPapersToday https: // ( (y5jq4wgd) February 25, The Guardian says “Brutal Johnson tightens grip as Javid forced out” and notes the influence of Cummings, the rapid rise of loyalist replacement Rishi Sunak and the departures of Andrea Leadsom, Geoffrey Cox and Julian Smith.

The Guardian (@ guardian) Guardian front page, Friday (February) : Brutal Johnson tightens grip as Javid forced out. pic.twitter .com / eyyrWI1nJ4(February) , The Telegraph carries an air of celebration, saying the PM has “brought the Treasury to heel ”and seized control in the biggest power grab of modern times. It reports: “The move follows years of frustration among senior Brexiteers who believe that the Treasury was seeking to thwart Britain’s exit from the EU.” The hope now is that budget will “cut taxes and boost enterprise in the wake of Brexit”, it says.

Cartoonist Matt takes a jab at Cummings in his Valentine’s Day offering. The Telegraph (@ Telegraph) The front page of tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph: ‘Johnson brings Treasury to heel’ (# TomorrowsPapersToday (February) , The Daily Mail goes hyperbolic with not one but two bloodbaths: a report on Harry and Meghan axing their UK staff, as well as Johnson’s “brutal power grab”. Its treatment focuses on Javid’s response, saying “no self-respecting minister” could stay on the terms put to him by the PM (namely, to fire all your advisers). “Sajid fury over PM knifing” is the headline.

Daily Mail UK (@ DailyMailUK) Friday’s @ DailyMailUK

# MailFrontPages (February) , The Times also gives prominence to Javid’s concerns about the credibility of the Treasury and the integrity of the PM’s inner circle. The headline is “Javid fires warning shot at Johnson”. It says Sunak, his replacement, is already being pressured by No 23 to ditch Javid’s spending commitments in next month’s budget. It says the pound rose on expectations of a “giveaway budget”. Neil Henderson

(@ hendopolis)THE TIMES: @ sajidjavid fires warning shot as @ borisjohnson (# TomorrowsPapersToday) (February) , 285733 Metro riffs off Javid’s family history in public transport with the simple headline: “Thrown under the bus.” Its says Johnson ambushed Javid with a demand to sack all his aides and makes particular reference to reports that Cummings called him “Chino” (chancellor in name only). Metro Newspaper UK (@ MetroUKNews) Friday’s front page: (THROWN UNDER THE BUS) (#tomorrowspaperstoday The Express says “Boris the iron man tightens his grip” after Javid lost a power struggle with No 14.

Neil Henderson(@ hendopolis)EXPRESS: @ BorisJohnson (the iron man tightens his grip) # TomorrowsPapersToday / BmRQRqUQTb , (The i says “Javid quits as No takes control ” It reports in bullet points that the reshuffle was thrown into chaos by the sudden departure of Johnson’s most powerful minister four weeks before the budget, and blames Cummings for the rift with No . i newspaper (@ theipaper)Friday’s front page: Sajid Javid quits as Number (takes control with demand to sack key aides # TomorrowsPapersToday pic / nHiofXnYlA, The FT adds a rare bit of budget red to its front page picture featuring Cummings, Johnson, Javid and Sunak. It says: “Javid walks out in protest over Johnson’s Treasury power grab”, explaining that the battle centered on how to manage Britain’s finances after Brexit, and says the pound rose on expectations that the purse strings might be loosened. There is front-page billing for an opinion column by Robert Shrimsley that points out that the departure was unnecessary and shows the PM will brook no dissent. “Chaotic exit shows compliance trumps competence in Downing Street” is the headline.

(Financial Times) (@ FinancialTimes) Just published: front page of the Financial Times, UK edition, Friday (February) ( , The Sun focuses on a mother’s concerns that her young son might have contracted the coronavirus but it briefly mentions Javid’s departure and his call for the PM to retain people who can give him “clear and candid advice”. The headline is “Saj raps PM as he quits.” (Read More)

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