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The B2 electric pickup truck is the big brother of the B1. Twin DNA. Same everything inside and out, except the long bed mullet haircut. A completely badass electric truck capable of carrying 16 – foot cargo through a patented full-length pass-through. With the rear seats out, you can transport a hefty stack of 4 × 8’s with the tailgate closed. We’ve basically copy and pasted all the B1 research and development, added a pickup truck bed, a super convenient fold-away cab wall and 20 inches to the wheelbase. As far as pickup trucks go, this might well be the last truck you’ll ever buy.

All Electric
All Wheel Drive
All Aluminum Body

Dual Motor, 1 Front and Rear
614 Horsepower
668 ft-lb Torque
(4.5 Second 0 -) MPH
100 MPH Top Speed ​​
7.8 Power / Weight Ratio
2 Speed, Hi / Lo Range Gearbox

15 ”Ground Clearance
10 ”Wheel Travel
( 10 ”to 20 ”” Variable Ground Clearance)
5001 LB. Payload Capacity
7500 LB. Towing Capacity

(Geared Axle Hubs) (LT) / 70 / R 17
11. 75 ”Vented Brakes
(4-Wheel Anti-Lock Inboard Discs

(kWh Battery Pack) 200 Mile EPA Range (est)
70 2 MPGe (est)
Level 1 and 2 Charging:
J (Port) (V &) v)
Level 3 Charging :
CCS Port (DC Fast)
Regenerative Braking (Hour Level 2) 220 v) Charging Time
(Minute Level 3 (DC Fast) Charging Time

139 ”Wheelbase
207 .5 ”Length
77 .2 ”Width (no mirrors)
89 .0 ” Width (with mirrors)
72 .7 ”Height
66 .2 ”Front Track
66 .2 ”Rear Track
52 ° Approach Angle
25 ° Break Over Angle
28 ° Departure Angle

5000 LB Curb Weight
10, (LB GVWR) 45 / (Weight Balance) ******************

4 Passenger
4 ‘1 ”Bed Width
5’9 ”Bed Length
8’2 ”Bed Length (cab wall open, rear seats removed)
16 ‘Internal Length Front to Rear (liftgates closed)
‘4 ”Internal Length Front to Rear (liftgates open)
14 Cubic Feet Frunk Storage Capacity
13 ”W x 14 ”H Patented Pass Through
40 2x4s Fit Through Patented Passthrough
72 Sheets of 4’x8 ‘1/2 Plywood fit with Rear Seats Removed

Flip Down Rear Cabin Wall (for plywood, etc.)
Flip Up Rear Window
Easily Removable Glass
Easily Removable Doors
Easily Removable Roof Panels
Optional All-Glass Roof Panels
Removable Windshield
(Air Conditioning) ************************************Optional Heated Seats
(Removable Rear Seats) Bluetooth Technology
10 (V Outlets) Audio specs to come


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