Tuesday , April 20 2021

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Tories offered Brexit Party candidates jobs and peerages, claims Farage

Nigel Farage has claimed the Conservative Party offered jobs and peerages to Brexit Party figures in a bid to get him to pull candidates from marginal seats.

He said the alleged pressure was “bordering on corruption” and came from people “who work deep inside Number 10 Downing Street “, including Boris Johnson’s chief strategic adviser Edward Lister.

In a video posted on Twitter , Farage claimed that he and eight other “senior figures” in the Brexit Party had been offered peerages.

He said: “Repeatedly it’s been suggested to me that I might like to have a seat in the House of Lords, so that I can go quietly.

“And every time this gets said my answer is the same – I’m not for sale, I’m not interested, I don’t want anything. “

Farage claimed the Tories then:” “bypassed me and went to other senior figures in the Brexit Party , suggesting that eight of them could go into the House of Lords, and all they had to do was come to Nigel and convince him to stand down in a whole load more marginal seats “.

He added: “As you can imagine, I said I do not want, and I will never have, anything to do with this kind of behavior.”

The Conservative Party denied the claims, saying that no jobs or peerages had been offered to the Brexit Party.


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