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Boris Johnson's 'last move' as Britain leaves EU exposed: 'He will take leading role!' – Express,

The Prime Minister finally managed to push his Brexit deal through the House of Commons on Thursday. It will now be debated in the House of Lords, before Mr Johnson looks towards completing a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU by the end of December. However, Brexit is not the only issue occupying EU leaders at the moment.**********The failure of the first international deal brokered by the bloc as a whole – the Iranian nuclear deal intended to stop Iran building an atomic weapon – has undermined thestrength and credibility

of the EU.

********** US President Donald Trump pulled out of the deal in May (************************************************************, calling for harsher sanctions. The deal unraveled even further when Iran announced it would no longer abide by the agreement this week.

Along with the recent acts of antagonism between the US and Iran, many heads of state have been left on tenterhooks about a violent escalation.

, yet, an[EXPLAINED] interview with Iranian expert and political journalist Sadeq Saba revealed that it might be Mr Johnson who

breaks thisinternational deadlock, before the UK finally leaves the EU.******************Ursula von der Leyen and Boris Johnson(Image Getty)**********

*********************************************************** Johnson and von der Leyen met earlier this week to discuss a future trade deal(Image: Getty)

Mr Saba explained that now the Iranian deal has “collapsed”, President Trump will be pushing for European countries tosupport him in isolating Tehran.

Mr Saba added: “I think Britain and Boris Johnson will take on a leading role in makingthe USachieve these initiatives and his policies to isolate Iran more, especially at this time when Britain is in the process of leaving Europe. ”

This followed an address about Iran earlier this week, US President Donald Trump urged theUK, Germany, France, Russia and China “to recognize” that Iran “must abandon its nuclear ambitions and end its support for terrorism.”The President continued: “[These countries] must now break away from the remnants of the Iran deal, or JCPOA, and we must all work together toward making a deal with Iran that makes the world a safer and more peaceful place. ”

Johnson and von der Leyen met earlier this week to discuss a future trade dealREAD MORE:Prince Harry’s tragic link to Soleimani’s destruction in Iraq revealed

Ursula von der Leyen and Boris JohnsonTrump withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal as he wanted harsher sanctions(Image: Getty)

President Trump would like more countries to impose harsher sanctions on the Middle Eastern countrybut, asMr Saba pointed out, the US leader has “not had much foreign policy success” in his premiership so far.

********** The Iranian expert said: “Maybe this is the last thing Boris Johnson wants to do to make EU countries closer to America,as far asIranian ambitions are concerned.

“Maybe when Britain leaves the EU completely – although it depends on what kind of future relationship is going to be between the two sides – [Mr Johnson] will lose his clout.

DON’T MISSTrump withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal as he wanted harsher sanctions World War 3 MAPPED: Number of US forces in Middle East exposed[INSIGHT]Trump withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal as he wanted harsher sanctionsWhy did Trump not tell Johnson about deadly Soleimani attack?[EXPLAINED] () ******************************************** How Trump did not know who General Soleimani was before being elected[REVEALED]*****************************************************************************

Trump assassinated Iranian top military general Soleimani last week(Image: Getty)

*****************Ursula von der Leyen and Boris Johnson**************** The US-Iran conflict escalated after Soleimani’s death(Image: Getty)

“But Britain, at least for another year and [the transition period] could be extended, this could be the last thing Johnson does for America while Britain is still a member of the EU.

“To use its diplomatic skill, and whatever Britain can offer, to persuade other European countries to adjust their policies to make them closer to American position. ”

The UK and the US have often advocated the “special” relationship that exists between the two countries.



Iranian supports of Soleimani have been chanting ‘Death to America’ since his death(Image: Getty)


Shortly after Mr Johnson. secured a stomping majority in the December election, Mr Trump confirmed that he was looking to reach an agreement with the UK that would “far bigger and more lucrative than any deal that could be made with the EU”.*** Johnson is also determined to meet the self-assigned deadline of December this year for sorting a future trade deal with the bloc.

However, the new President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen has emphasized she thinks thedeadline is too inflexible, although her first meeting with the Prime Minister earlierthisweek was Reported“positive”.[the transition period]Ursula von der Leyen and Boris Johnson*************************************************************** (Read More) ************** (****************************************

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