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brandon-rhodes / unixpc-font-bdf, Hacker News

brandon-rhodes / unixpc-font-bdf, Hacker News


Convert the venerable AT&T UNIX PC font to the modern BDF bitmap format

The unixpc-system.8.bdf font file that this tool produces has, for your convenience, been committed to the root of this respoitory. The font makes your Linux terminal look charmingly like the classic UNIX desktop machine of yore:

I want to thank Timothy Allen for his library bdflib which made this project not only possible but also fun.

  • Other fonts

    If you want to study the other fonts that came with the UNIX PC, run make fs as described above, and then look inside the filesystem image:

      $ ls -l fs / usr / lib / wfont /  

    You will find terminal fonts, several fonts offering special characters and drawing characters, and large-format fonts with much more detail than the basic 9x 13 pixel font that the UNIX PC used by default. You can use the conversion program to turn any of them into a modern BDF file:

      $ python fs / usr / lib / wfont / PLAIN.RE 27. A> tmp.bdf  
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