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Brazilian Grand Prix: F1 – live! – The Guardian,

Anyhow, that’s about us – we’l be back in a fortnight,when the season will close in Abu Dhabi. It promises to be another jazzer. Ta-ra!

Phew! That was yet another belting race – we’ve been waiting for a Hamilton-Verstappen duel, and it did not disappoint. And, as we said at the start, Verstappen is the coming man.Next season is going to be very special, and Red Bull are ready. Mercedes, and Hamilton, have work to do.

Here’s Giles Richards ’report from Interlagos.

Dvier championship standings

  1. Hamilton (Mercedes) 396
  2. Bottas (Mercedes) 314
  3. Verstappen (Red Bull) 260
  4. Leclerc (Ferrari) 249
  5. Vettel (Ferrari) 230
  6. Gasly (Toro Rosso) 95
  7. Sainz Jr (McLaren) 92
  8. Albon (Red Bull) 84

Verstappen enjoysthe Netherlands national anthem.

Verstappen celebrates on the podium.
Verstappen celebrates on the podium. Photograph: Carl de Souza / AFP via Getty Images

Updated (at 2.) pm EST

Odds and sods:that fourth place equals Sainz’s best-ever F1 finish, and Giovinazzi’s sixth is now his.

Of course, Hamilton might lose that third place,if the stewards penalize him for the Albon incident. But, in the meantime:

1. Verstappen

2. Gasly

3. Hamilton

4. Sainz Jr

5. Raikkonen

6. Giovinazzi

7. Ricciardo

8. Norris

9. Perez

10. Kvyat

11. Magnussen

12. Hulkenberg

13. Russell

14. Grosjean

15. Albon

16. Kubica

Vettel, Stroll, Leclerc, Bottas did not finish


Gasly is buzzing.It’s his first podium, and he says he’s made many in other motorsport, but this is something special. He also enjoyed his finish with Hamilton, trying to get low in the car.

Gasly celebrates after finishing in second place.
Gasly celebrates after finishing in second place. Photograph: Ricardo Moraes / Reuters


Hamilton says the gap to take Albon was there but then it closed and he massively apologises.Red Bull were quicker on the straights, he says, and he took a lot of risks, giving it everything he could to win. Barichello says Verstappen looked unbeatable today and Hamilton agrees there was nothing he could’ve done. He had the speed around the corners but not on the straights.

Verstappen tells Barichellothat Hamilton was very quick and they twice played good moves to beat him. He says he controlled the race and had great fun out there. He was pushing glat-out to be close to Hamilton when they restarted and he knew he had DRS and great top speed so was confident he could pull it off.

Pierre Gasly, meanwhile, is a-whoopin an a-hollerin – he is ecstatic with that finish and rightly so. It wasn’t exactly vintage but, as Ryan Giggs would say, he’d’ve took it.

That was more or less a perfect weekend from Verstappen.Pole, then a brilliant drive, great tactics, and a win despite various unforeseen circumstances. He is going to be a danger next season.

Verstappen celebrates.
Verstappen celebrates. Photograph: Ricardo Moraes / Reuters



Gasly is second – his first podium – with Hamilton third.

Max Verstappen wins the race.
Max Verstappen wins the race. Photograph: Robert Cianflone ​​/ Getty Images

Updated (at 1.) pm EST

Lap 71 / 71Hamilton might find himself penalized for that, but Albon made an error offering the space. Hamilton’s car is slightly mangled.

Albon leaves the door open for Hamilton, Hamilton goes, and bashes him off the track. There goes his first ever podium!

Lap 70 / 71Verstappen leads by 1. 547 s but HAVE A LOOK!

Hamilton and Albon crash.
Hamilton and Albon crash. Photograph: Douglas Magno / AFP via Getty Images


Lap 70 / 71Verstappen absolutely streaks away! Albon is second but Hamilton nails Gasly and is in behind!

Lap 69 / 71Off goes the safety car , and we’re going to have two laps of mania!

Lap 69 / 71There’s bare debris on the track, so no chance of a swift restart. I’d love to check out Ferrari’s team meeting, because Vettel and Leclerc will have some opinions.

Lap 69 / 71Presumably this is now going to be a safety-car finish, in which case Mercedes have pitted Hamilton off the podium! We can laugh, and so can he given he’s champion … but being a champion means not finding stuff like that laughable.

Lap 68 / 71So who was at fault for that carash? Vettel seemed to blame Leclerc, but it was he who moved off the line, though in a sense both are unlucky – the contact was so minor, it’s amazing that it’s caused so much damage to both cars.

Vettel’s not happy.
Vettel’s not happy. Photograph: Douglas Magno / AFP via Getty Images

Updated (at 1.) PM EST

Lap 67 / 71Hamilton pits, and all of a sudden we’re going to have i don’t even know what! We might get some extra laps, but Hamilton is now fourth; how’s he improving on second from there, in whatever’s left?

Vettel and Leclerc clash, a puncture apiece, and both are out of the race! Back comes the safety car!

Lap 66 / 71Leclerc diddles Vettel down the inside! That’s very nice … but they get close, kiss sides, and BOTH ARE OUT OF THE RACE!

Lap 64 / 71Vettel has DRS and he hacks at Albon! This is Albon’s first go up top with the big dawgs and he’s handling it well! He closes the door!

Lap 63 / 71 (3.0) s the lead now, and Hamilton only has 0. 783 s on Albon. Vettel and Leclerc are both within striking distance … and

Lap 62 / 71Verstappen leads by 2. 45 s and it’s hard to see Hamilton closing that gap – there’s more chance he gets diddled by Albon, I’d say.

Lap 61 / 71That pit was a great call by Red Bull. Hamilton just couldn’t keep up, though we need to say that Verstappen drove a gorgeous bend to force them home.

Lap 61 / 71That was brilliant by Verstappen, and behind him, Albon nails Vettel and Leclerc to take third! And now he goes for Hamilton!

Lap 60 / 71Verstappen goes! He bousts around the outside, Hamilton fights back, they’re wheel to wheel, and Verstappen has the legs on him! Verstappen leads! What a call from Red Bull!


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