Brexit deal: Juncker says EU won't back further extension – live news – The Guardian,

Brexit deal: Juncker says EU won't back further extension – live news – The Guardian,

This is fromSir Craig Oliver, David Cameron’s former communications chief.

Craig Oliver(@ CraigOliver 100)

I suspect@ BorisJohnsonand his team think they have the numbers to pass the deal without the DUP – but even if they don’t, they get to run a populist election campaign, which should be enough. But it’s so volatile a change of just a few points could be disastrous.

October 17 , 2019

The French president,Emmanuel Macron,welcomed theBrexitdeal as he arrived at the EU summit earlier, but stressed that it still had to get through the UK and EU parliaments.
“Based on past experience we have to be reasonably cautious,” he said.

Emmanuel Macron arriving at the EU summit.
Emmanuel Macron arriving at the EU summit. Photograph: Kenzo Tribouillard / AFP via Getty Images


From Reuters’Luke Baker

Luke Baker(@ BakerLuke)

As the EU summit got underway, Boris Johnson went around the table greeting each leader in turn. He laughed and joked with Merkel and Macron, and hugged Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel, who had made fun of Johnson for not attending a news conference. All’s well that ends well?# Brexit

(October) , 2019

Left to right: Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, Boris Johnson, German chancellor Angela Merkel and Irish taoiseach (PM) Leo Varadkar at the EU summit
Left to right: Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, Boris Johnson, German chancellor Angela Merkel and Irish taoiseach (PM) Leo Varadkar at the EU summit Photograph: Olivier Hoslet / EPA

Here isKatya Adler,the BBC’sEuropeeditor, on Jean -Claude Juncker’s comments.

Katya Adler(@ BBCkatyaadler)

Jean Claude Juncker quoted all over UK media as saying – “there will be no extension” BUT this is said a) To helpBoris Johnsonsell a deal back home in the UK that the EU has no appetite to renegotiate once again .. / 1 ​​

October 17, 2019

Katya Adler(@ BBCkatyaadler)

b) Mr Juncker would love the Brexit process to be done and dusted during his presidency which is drawing to a close -as part of his legacy (which has to an extent been blighted by the 2016Brexitvote) BUT / 2

(October) , 2019

Katya Adler(@ BBCkatyaadler)

Also Jean Claude Juncker does not have legal power to rule out extension. It’s a member state decision. It’s hard to imagine 27 EU countries categorically ruling out an extension while at this summit … before they know if one might be necessary eg to get this deal passed / 3

(October) , 2019

Katya Adler(@ BBCkatyaadler)

Saying “no extension is necessary” in order to keep up pressure on MPs, encouraging them to focus their minds ahead of vote in Parliament is one thing BUT but after 3 years of Brexit process and two attempts at an EU-UK Brexit deal … / 4

(October) , 2019

Katya Adler(@ BBCkatyaadler)

I can’t imagine Angela Merkel for example turning round saying “no extra time” even if deal is rejected in HoC, there’s a general election or a referendum on this deal, for example / 5

(October) , 2019

Katya Adler(@ BBCkatyaadler)

A flat no to the idea of ​​an extension at this stage could mean ushering in the no deal Brexit that EU leaders have been so so so keen to avoid. It’s not a move you’d expect from the EU! / 6

(October) , 2019

Lisa O'Carroll

Manufacturing Northern Irelandhas given a “ guarded welcome ”the Brexit agreement saying it“ removes the risk of a catastrophic no deal ”but raises concerns about the administrative and financial burden o n the new arrangements that will apply on some trade intoNorthern Ireland.

If it is approved, expect NorthernIrelandbusiness to be looking for substantial help on both points – the paperwork and costs – from London .

Stephen Kelly, Manufacturing NI’s chief executive, said:

What is good is that a deal is struck, we can move on to the more positive conversation about the future relationship and regardless Northern Ireland can continue to have tariff free, quota free access to both the UK and the EU’s single market.


More on the significance of Jean-Claude Juncker’s comments about the EU not agreeing to a furtherBrexitextension.

These are from Sky’sLewis Goodall.

Lewis Goodall(@ lewis_goodall)

About to get on a plane back but just on Juncker’s words on extension. EU source says: “It’s not in his gift to rule it out, he is just defending the deal and saying one shouldn’t be needed … I am 100% certain EU 27 would permit an extension if deal falls on Saturday. ”

October 17, 2019

Lewis Goodall(@ lewis_goodall)

Clearly that’s not to say this isn’t helpful for Number 10, it is. Shows Commission wants this done, no mean feat they’re working with Downing St given relations were previously so cold. But highly highly doubtful that if deal goes down it means no extension.

(October) , 2019

And this is from the BBC’sNorman Smith.

Norman Smith(@ BBCNormanS)

Folks point out that decision on Brexit extension not down to@ JunckerEUbut a EU council decision. True …. but I think he knew exactly what he was saying and its a big help for Team Johnson.

(October) , 2019

‘There will be no prolongation’ – What Juncker said about not allowing an extension

This is whatJean-Claude Juncker,president of the European commission, said about ruling out aBrexitextension. He was speaking to reporters on the “red carpet” where leaders speak to journalists as they arrive for the summit.

Asked if he thought the deal would pass parliament, he said: “It has to.”

Then he added:

Anyway, there will be no prolongation.

He went on:

We have concluded a deal. So there is not an argument for delay. It has to be done now.

Asked by another journalist if he would rule out an extension ifBoris Johnsonasked for that, Juncker replied:

I gave a brief doorstop with Boris Johnson … half an hour ago and I was ruling out that there will be any kind of prolongation. If we have a deal, we have a deal, and there is no need for prolongation. That is not only the British view; that is my view too.

Asked again if he would officially rule out an extension, he replied:

Yes. We have a deal. So why should we have a prolongation?

But, as my colleagueJennifer Rankinpoints out, it is questionable whether, in practice, the EU 27 would rule out another extension if the alternative were no deal.

Jennifer Rankin(@ JenniferMerode)

Not surprising thatJean-Claude Junckerwants to quash talk of an extension. EU dearly wants Brexit over and done with.

In reality, if UK asked for delay, under Benn Act, hard to see that the EU would say no.

(October) , 2019

Jean-Claude Juncker speaking to reporters.
Jean-Claude Juncker speaking to reporters. Photograph: Yves Herman / Reuters


EU will not grant any further extension, says Juncker, implying MPs must choose between this deal and no deal

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European commission president, has said the EU will not grant another Brexit extension.

This is hugely significant, because, if the rest of the EU 27 agree – and it is not clear yet whether he is speaking on their behalf – it means MPs will effectively be faced with a choice between this deal and no deal.

Jean-Claude Juncker
Jean-Claude Juncker Photograph: EU

Updated (at 9.) am EDT

Sinn Féin welcomes deal as ‘least worst option’

Sinn Fein has welcomed Boris Johnson’sBrexitdeal. In a statement its president,Mary Lou McDonald,said:

I welcome the fact that an agreement has been reached between theEuropean Unionand the British government.

There is no such thing as a good Brexit. Brexit is being foisted on the north ofIrelandagainst the democratic wishes of the people.

As a party, Sinn Féin has worked to defend Irish interests from the worst impacts of Brexit.

It was Sinn Féin who first made the case for a ‘designated special status for the north within the EU’ and it was Sinn Féin who insisted on the protection of the Good Friday agreem ent and no hard border on the island of Ireland as bottom lines.

We have also insisted that no veto can be given to unionism.

But she also said any deal was a “least worst option” that would “only mitigate the worst effects of Brexit”.


An anti-Brexit protest in Shuman Square in Brussels today.
An anti-Brexit protest in Shuman Square in Brussels today. Photograph: Pier Marco Tacca / Getty Images

Boris Johnsonhas just given a brief statement to the press at the EU summit alongsideJean-Claude Juncker, the European commission president. Juncker said the deal was fair and balanced. He said:

This is a fair, a balanced agreement. It is testament to our commitment to finding solutions. It provides certainty whereBrexitcreates Uncertainty.

And Johnson said this was a very good deal for both sides. He said:

I do think this deal represents a very good deal for the EU and the UK.

I think it is a reasonable, fair outcome and reflect the large amount of work undertaken by both sides …

I agree very much with Jean-Claude about what he said about protecting the peace process on the island of Ireland andNorthern Ireland.

Of course, for us in the UK it means we can deliver a real Brexit that achieves our objectives.

It means the UK leaves whole and entire on 31 October and it means that NorthernIrelandand every part of the UK can take part in not just free trade deals, offering our tariffs, exporting our goods around the world, but it also means we can take, together as a single United Kingdom, decisions about our future – our laws, our borders, our money and how we want to run the UK.

Those decisions will be taken in the UK by elected representatives of the people in the UK.

Jean-Claude Juncker (right) and Boris Johnson at the EU summit.
Jean-Claude Juncker (right) and Boris Johnson at the EU summit. Photograph: François Lenoir / Reuters


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