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Brexit Live: Barnier drops major obstacle in Brexit negotiations for Boris Johnson – Express,


BORIS JOHNSON’S claim that there will be no checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland has been thrown into disrepute by the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier.


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****************************Brexit LIVE Previously, Mr Johnson has stated there would be a seamless trade between Great Britain and the island of Ireland. Speaking in the European Parliament, however, Mr Barnier has insisted there must be checks between the two countries. He said: “Implementation of the Northern Ireland protocol foresees checks and controls for goods entering the island of Ireland.”Mr Barnier’s statement comes in direct contrast to a previous pledge from Mr Johnson’s insistence that there would be no such checks under his Brexit deal. The comments come after Theresa May’s former chief of staff insisted Mr Johnson’s Brexit deal gives the EU what it wanted from Northern Ireland. Lord Gavin Barwell, one of Mrs May’s closest advisors, said: “The government has gone back to what the EU originally wanted, a Northern Ireland-only arrangement.“The result is that goods will have to undergo customs checks when they are moved from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, creating a border in our single market.”************ FOLLOW FOR LIVE UPDATES) ********************************************************

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8. 45 am update: “Cannot put into words”

Political commentator has expressed his delight at being able to leave the EU on January (****************************************************************. In a tweet this morning, he said: “I’m not at all eloquent enough to put into words just how happy I am for families and communities like mine.“The political, legal and media Establishment threw the kitchen sink at us , hellbent on stopping that vote for Brexit.As Mr Fleming said: ” (EU) are considering a paper setting out the EU approach to transparency during negotiations with the UK.

“It’s virtually the same as for the (Brexit) ************************************* talks ie pretty open.

“Includes the phrase: ‘All UK documents received will be sent to the Council … in a timely manner’.”******************

Brexit LIVE: Michel Barnier rubbishes Mr Johnson’s claim(Image: European Parliament)

************************** (8.) ****************************************************** am update: Rupert Lowe – “Reality is finally setting in”
Brexit Par ty MEP for the West Midlands, Rupert Lowe attended the European Parliament this week alongside his party colleagues in their final plenary session before the UK’s exit. Tweeting to his followers, this morning, Mr Lowe said: “Get the feeling the Parliament here is shell shocked we are actually leaving. Perhaps reality is finally setting in. This place will be a lot duller without Nigel Farage.“Sorry excuse” for a Parliament, terribly boring! They won’t know what to do when Nigel is gone! ” (

**************************************************************** pm update: Goods will need to be checked after Brexit On Monday, the Prime Minister stated there will be no “need for checks on goods going from Northern Ireland to Great Britain.”

However, during a European Parliamentary session, Michel Barnier contradicted the claims and insisted there will be a need for checks and controls on goods. Mr Barnier said: “Implementation of this Northern Ireland protocol foresees checks and controls for goods entering the island of Ireland. “I look forward to a constructive cooperation with UK authorities to ensure that all the provisions set out in this agreement are respected and made operational.”********************** () ****************************************************************** () ******************************************** (************************************** ************************ (Read More) ************************************ (******************************

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