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Broken links to install chrome extension · Issue # 857 · openstyles / stylus, Hacker News

Broken links to install chrome extension · Issue # 857 · openstyles / stylus, Hacker News

Any news?

The reality of dealing with CWS is that we rarely know much more than you do. Whatever actions they take, the review process is intentionally designed so that there is little to no recourse for developers. When updates are submitted, they go through an automated review process. If it passes, it may be available in a couple hours. If not, it gets flagged for manual review, which could take days, weeks, or even months.

Google had yet another embarrassing scandal recently, so they’ve been enacting stricter policies across the board. Besides the fact that the same exact update was approved for beta, it’s not a huge surprise that any update is getting flagged for manual review under the current circumstances. What doesn’t make any sense, is that they unpublished the previously approved version of stable.

We’ve sent a couple complaints. We got a canned response from CWS a few days ago which kinda pretends it’s from a real person, but doesn’t even address the removal, or give any kinda concrete explanation about anything. It was probably automated. Our best guesses as to any issues they might have had with that particular update have already been addressed, but they won’t allow us to submit a new update till the pending one is manually reviewed.

Bottom line, CWS does whatever the hell it wants, whenever the hell it wants, and there’s essentially no meaningful communication about most of these decisions. Stable is still sitting in the dashboard, unpublished, pending review. The only time you’ll ever receive any feedback from an actual human being, is when they perform a manual review and request changes. Whenever they get around to the manual review, they’ll either approve and republish, or request changes. If changes are requested, we’ll be allowed to submit a new update and wait indefinitely for another manual review.

AMO is better with communication, but generally even more strict about insignificant details. Opera’s extension gallery is an absolute joke. They never publish any update submitted, but approve almost instantaneously if we message a mod. Every extension gallery is a nightmare to deal with in their own, unique ways. Rest assured, if we’re having issues with any of them, we are trying to rectify the situation. If the issue drags on for an extended period of time, it’s almost certainly because we’re waiting on them.


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