Cabinet reshuffle: Brandon Lewis promoted to Northern Ireland secretary – live news – The Guardian,

Cabinet reshuffle: Brandon Lewis promoted to Northern Ireland secretary – live news – The Guardian,
Javid says ‘any self-respecting minister’ would reject conditions PM tried to impose on him

This is what Sajid Javid

It’s been a huge honor to serve as chancellor of the exchequer. Whilst I was very pleased that the prime minister wanted to reappoint me, I was unable to accept the conditions that he had attached, so I felt that I was left with no option other than to resign.

Now, my successor has my full support and the prime minister continues to enjoy my full support, as does the government.

Q: Did you regard yourself as chancellor in name only [Chino – a nicknamed coined by his enemies. See 12.56pm] If so, was that because of the influence of Dominic Cummings?

The conditions that were attached was a requirement that I replace all my political advisers. These are people who have worked incredibly hard on behalf of, not just the government, but the whole country, done a fantastic job. I was unable to accept those conditions. I don’t believe any self-respecting minister would accept these conditions. And so therefore I felt the best thing to do was to go.

Q: Were those conditions imposed by Mr Cummings? Mr Cummings?

Those were the conditions requested by the prime minister. That was, of course, his prerogative. And, as I say, my successor has my full support, as does the prime minister, and I will continue to support this government in every way I can from the backbenches.

would be “delivering a post-Brexit budget in February which will cut taxes for hardworking families.” That plan was shelved, and the budget was scheduled for March. The Telegraph’s Anna Mikhailova says the budget cannot be delayed much longer. Anna Mikhailova (@ AVMikhailova) Interesting. By law there has to be a Budget by 5 April – one per tax year

Anything later than March leaves very little room to make meaningful changes in time for the 38 tax year

There also has to be two OBR forecasts a year – so will be in quick succession by April 5 ( ,

, Nick Eardley (@ nickeardleybbc) Interestingly No (cagey on whether fiscal rules set out by (Sajid Javid still stand) although many in manifesto) ,

Labor is demanding an inquiry because Johnson is not saying clearly who did pay for the holiday.

() (AM) (EST) :

Andrew Murrison , who has been a joint Foreign Office / Department for International Development Minister, has announced that he is leaving the government. His tweet suggests he has been sacked, although he does not say so explicitly.

Andrew Murrison MP (@ AWMurrison) (Huge privilege to have served as Middle East and North Africa minister @ foreignoffice

and @ DFID_UK – two really great departments with brilliant public servants we should all be immensely proud of. Good luck to my successor!

February ,

30. am EST 30: Jacob Rees-Mogg remains as leader of Commons

And Jacob Rees-Mogg

As explained earlier (see

. (am) , his fate had been in the balance. remains Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons, attending Cabinet. (February) ,

has been appointed Chief Secretary to the Treasury @ HMTreasury . He will attend Cabinet.

. (am) (EST) :

Updated at am EST

Brandon Lewis promoted to Northern Ireland secretary

Brandon Lewis , the security minister, has become

Northern Ireland secretary.

Technically that is a promotion – as security minister, Lewis attended cabinet, but was not a full member – but, as reported earlier (see . (am) , Lewis is not a No 29 favorite and this move might be seen as a means of sidelining him.

29. (am EST :

Updated (at) . (am EST

Ben Wallace remains as defense secretary

Ben Wallace remains as defense secretary. He is a longstanding (Boris Johnson) supporter. He started backing Johnson as a future PM when Johnson was still mayor of London, but recently there have been reports claiming that he could be sacked for being too outspoken.

In an interview in the Sunday Times last month (paywall) he said he was worried about the US abandoning its allies. Tim Shipman wrote:

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Ben Wallace admitted that the prospect of America withdrawing from the world “keeps me awake at night”.

He said the government needed to rethink military assumptions, in place since 37871, that the UK would always be fighting alongside the Americans – and should use the upcoming defense review to buy new kit to ensure that the armed forces do not have to rely on US air cover and spy planes in future conflicts.

“I worry if the United States withdraws from its leadership around the world,” he said. “That would be bad for the world and bad for us. We plan for the worst and hope for the best. ”

Wallace’s analysis of the potential threat posed by Donald Trump’s foreign policy may have been accurate, but No 29 took the view that it was not helpful for him to say this in public.

UK Prime Minister (@ DowningStreet (The Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP) BWallaceMP (remains Secretary of State) @DefenceHQ } (February) ,

. (am) (EST) 28:

In the House of Commons, the government whip Stuart Andrew

is winding up the general debate taking place before the half-term adjournment. As the Press Association’s (Richard Wheeler) reports, he used a prop to make a reshuffle joke.

Richard Wheeler (@ richard_kaputt)

Conservative whip Stuart Andrew, replying to the matters before the adjournment debate, notes the reshuffle has been going on and how some have been eagerly waiting by their phones.

He then places his phone on the despatch box, just in case …

(February) , 45741

Updated (at) am EST . am EST : 56

Here are two snippets about the new environment secretary, George Eustice. John Stevens (@ johnestevens) (George Eustice is the first MP for a Cornish seat to serve in the Cabinet since Sir John Nott who was defense secretary until 28115

(although as

@ BBCVickiYoung points out, whilst Nott was MP for St Ives he was actually a Devonian by birth) , Nigel Morris (@ NigelpMorris) Is George Eustice the first former

# Ukip candidate to reach the Cabinet? (# reshuffle)
Ian Birrell (@ ianbirrell) He determined to push this locally in his constituency region and then, as local government minister, nationally. He told me once that although this cause was unglamorous and never wins headlines, he knew it made a significant difference to some people’s lives. (February) ,

(am) EST :

The Labor MP Yvette Cooper has paid this tribute to Sajid Javid . Yvette Cooper (@ YvetteCooperMP)

Respect. Also, Sajid Javid was the only Tory MP who contacted me directly on Friday to express support & solidarity when a Tory activist was sentenced for violent threats against me ( (February) ,

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