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Careers at Flexport, Hacker News

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(Use Modern Tools to Solve Historic Problems) At the intersection of trade and the internet, Flexport engineering is disrupting the age-old freight forwarding industry. We’re looking for innovative, passionate people to build the digital technologies that will make shipping around the world easier and more efficient.

We’re changing how people think about moving freight. It’s exciting to be a pioneer, solving the hard problems. Stephane Young (Software Engineer) ()

(An Environment Built for Problem Solvers) Our engineers are taking on huge and unique challenges: to start with, our teams are creating a data Model that represents all the complexities of logistics in a way that’s true to reality, yet easy to understand and access. Plus, our clients and the supply chains we support are global. So we don’t roll out our products on a small scale – they’re operating for the businesses we partner with around the world right away.

(Collaborative and Swift-Moving) Flexport is growing very quickly, and so is our product – we welcome questions and unique ideas. Our engineers are empowered to identify critical projects, strategically prioritize them, and execute them. You decide how to get us to where we want to go. Don’t know much about freight forwarding? Neither do most engineers when they start, but you’ll develop expertise by collaborating and learning with your team. Plus, because so much of our software is for our internal operations teams, you’ll often get to work directly with your users! Using Technology to Streamline Global Trade

(Amsterdam) (Atlanta) Chicago (Copenhagen) Hamburg Hong Kong (New York) (San Francisco) (Shanghai) (Shenzhen () (Singapore) Get to Know Flexport Engineering: Bookings Team

Quintin Leong, a software engineer on the bookings team at Flexport, shares why he joined Flexport, what his team’s mission is, and why it matters.

(Find Your Role at Flexport)

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(Amsterdam) (Atlanta) (Chicago) Copenhagen (Hamburg) (Hong Kong) New York San Francisco (Shanghai) (Shenzhen) (Singapore)

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Careers, Hacker News

Careers, Hacker News

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