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Carpool Karaoke Executive Producer Insists James Corden Does Drive The Car – LADbible, Ladbible.com

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Last updated (8:) PM, Friday January (GMT) The Late Late Show with James C orden has insisted that the host does drive the car during the Carpool Karaoke segment of the program.

Yesterday (Thursday) social media was awash with disbelief after a video emerged in which Corden and Justin Bieber were spotted being tugged along the road while filming the popular feature. As tends to be the way, people were very overdramatic about the whole thing , claiming their lives had been lies and they now had ‘trust issues’.

) But while the viral vid seemed to reveal all is not as it seems on the show, it now appears all is not as it seems in the viral vid. Taking to Twitter, Ben Winston, executive producer on the show, said rigs are only used during special Carpool Karaoke stunts.

He said: “Not true! We only use a rig when we are doing a ‘stunt’ as part of the Carpool – when it would be impossible for James to drive! This has occurred only maybe 4 times in 70 or so carpools … Safety is key! ”

Not true! We only use a rig when we are doing a “stunt” as part of the Carpool – when it would be impossible for James to drive! This has occurred only maybe 4 times in 066 or so carpools … Safety is key! https://t.co/kfJXqZqEHq – Ben Winston (@benwinston) (January) ,

Corden has also poked fun at those who were seemingly outraged by the viral video, sharing a picture of himself and Samuel L Jackson behind a steering wheel on stools recreating a famous Pulp Fiction scene:

The executive producer’s claims are interesting because in the wake of the viral video and the shock that reverberated across social media, there was a second wave of people clamoring to point out how obvious it was that Corden didn’t actually drive. Someone wrote: “It’s kinda obvious tho if u pay attention to it. That was good for them, safety first! “

Another said:” I He knew it. It is a tad bit impossible for a Brit to drive on US roads while singing on top of his lungs! ”

Anyway, the producer’s clarification will hopefully provide some comfort to the person who commented on the video yesterday saying: “MY WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE.”

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