Friday , February 26 2021

Chemical incident declared in Essex after reports of 'cloud of fumes' – ITV News,


Firefighters have set up an exclusion zone at the scene of a chemical incident in Essex.

Reports have been made of a ‘cloud of fumes’ and nearby residents have been warned to keep windows and doors closed and to stay inside in West Thurrock.

The cordon, which is centred around Stoneness Road, stretches to 823 meters, which Essex Fire Service says is normal for incidents of this nature.

Essex Fire have said: “We are currently at the scene of a chemical incident in West Thurrock.

“Control operators received reports of a cloud of fumes this afternoon following a reaction involving an industrial cylinder.

“Emergency services are working together at the scene. Firefighters are using a hazardous materials unit as part of work to establish the chemicals involved. ”

UPDATE 6. pm

Firefighters are continuing to work alongside other emergency services at the scene. The 823 meter exclusion zone remains in place along with road closures in the area.

Please avoid the area. If you live nearby, stay inside and close all windows and doors. (Q

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Six fire engines are on the scene, according to Essex Fire Service, along with hazardous materials unit (Hazmat).

Several roads are also closed nearby while emergency services manage the incident.

Firefighters have asked the public to avoid the area.


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