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Community Express 045 | Advertising controversy, self-built NAS and the author’s new gadgets

Community Express 045 | Advertising controversy, self-built NAS and the author’s new gadgets

In addition to the homepage timeline and the featured booths in the sidebar, there are still many excellent contents in the minority Matrix community that cannot be effectively exposed due to limited conditions. Therefore, we decided to restart the Matrix Weekly and add more community content, new things contributed by authors, and community product dynamics to present to everyone.

I hope this “Community Express” can help you find more interesting content to share. If you have any suggestions for column content or homepage revision, you are also welcome to leave feedback in the comment area.

This week's picks

Experience and thinking

When facing the problem of forgetting the BIOS administrator password,“Flash open source firmware coreboot to ThinkPad X200”This article provides a detailed solution.Aipian Xiaojiang Through step-by-step operations, from preparation to flashing the open source firmware coreboot, the entire process is recorded in detail. The article not only introduces the required tools and software, but also explains in detail the connection method of the programmer, the backup and flashing steps of the BIOS chip, as well as subsequent problems and solutions that may be encountered.

Apple advertising overturns due to flagging creativity“yes rusty stainless steel An article I wrote about Apple advertising used the hydraulic press advertising incident to express my views on environmental protection, technology and creativity. He points to the interpretation of the ad and the popularity of videos related to hydraulic presses, as well as the questioning of environmental protection as a brand. Although Apple has always emphasized its environmental values, the small size differences that are constantly made in product iterations, resulting in accessories that are not universal, and the visual violence and destruction in advertising call into question its true environmental commitment and innovative spirit. Through this article, readers can get a glimpse of the deeper meaning behind the advertisement and gain a more comprehensive understanding of Apple's marketing strategy.

KissDev Articles written by《How to improve the security of self-built services》 The security challenges and countermeasures of self-hosted services are discussed. The article not only provides valuable insights for readers with certain operation and maintenance experience, but also details how to enhance the security of self-built services through the open source security protection engine CrowdSec. Through practical cases, the working principle and deployment method of CrowdSec are explained in detail, including how to protect services from DDoS attacks, SSH blasting, vulnerability attacks and other threats through reverse proxy and tunnel technology.

Colorful life

Home NAS (integrated version of your own solution)》Participated in the “Self-reliance” essay competition,Scientist Through personal experience, he described in detail the problems and solutions he encountered during the construction of the NAS system. The traditional hub-and-spoke network architecture has the embarrassing situation that nodes cannot communicate with each other. It is proposed that the demand for home NAS mainly lies in software-level support, such as audio and video media libraries and backup and sharing centers. He also shared that he uses a personal computer as a server, including Emby as media library support, AList as network disk support, Immich as gallery support, etc. The article describes every step from hardware selection to software configuration in detail, and is suitable for readers who are interested in home NAS and want to be “self-reliant.”

Come and participate:Essay Calling | Regain the dominance of digital life and talk about your self-hosting experience and skills

In the process of exploring how to build a Unix-like environment on Windows operating systems,“How to configure a Unix-like Windows computer”This article provides us with detailed guidance.Fang Not only the limitations of WSL are discussed, but also the Unix-like features of Windows are enhanced through the scoop package manager, the nushell shell, and the starship and carapace-bin tools.

Community summary

The author's new gadget

In order to allow the authors' contributions to meet the readers as soon as possible, we have adjusted the presentation method and cycle of the author's submissions in the “New Stuff” column. The “New Stuff” submitted by the author will be moved to this column in the future. The submission channels and reward methods are still the same as before. For details, please see the end of the article. We believe that fresh and hot sharing will win more love from everyone, and readers are welcome to contribute.

@fat鱼要做progress: Disney CookieAnn crossbody bag

  • Where to get it: Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Purchase price: HKD 179

As a biscuit mom who loves biscuits and has been obsessed with the cuteness of biscuits all year round, my friends always ask me “are there any other biscuit peripherals that I want to buy” when I go to Disneyland. This time my friend went to Hong Kong Disneyland (our hometown of Bibing) and brought me back a Biping crossbody bag that is out of stock at Shanghai Disneyland from time to time, so that I could carry it for a few days during the May Day holiday.

The day I got the real thing, I struggled for a long time. Because the advantages and disadvantages of this bag are very obvious. First of all, as one of our popular products, it goes without saying that the beauty is online. The plush material, which is different from other six treasures, does give Bibing a big advantage every time in terms of practical peripherals. The overall design is also relatively compact, and it won't look out of place when carried on the body. It is also perfect when paired with some casual wear such as campus style. The only shortcoming of the appearance is that the overall strap is a bit short. If you are a tall girl, I feel that it is more appropriate to add an extra strap to replace it.

Returning to the practical point of view, although the product name is a cross-body bag, its appearance and volume are indeed similar to the Jellycat cross-body bag I bought before (the watermelon bag is already considered a small capacity one). But when I opened the zipper and saw the inside of the bag, this capacity really bothered me. Although I am used to carrying small bags when going out, I still prefer small bags that can hold some items, but the capacity of this “crossbody bag” is really not much different from that of an everyday coin purse.

With the idea of ​​not giving up, I began to estimate how much stuff this crossbody bag could hold. After my personal practice, it can currently hold at most a small pack of wet wipes, a thin PopSockets magnetic power bank, and a lipstick (it’s no problem to replace it with a bunch of keys). If you are going out for a walk or just shopping, these things can actually meet your basic needs.

Although its capacity is indeed only comparable to that of a coin purse, fortunately, the Bingbing crossbody bag has an additional card holder on the back of the backpack, which can hold 5-6 cards, and the card holder is very tight, so there is no need to worry about cards falling, which is quite practical.

In addition, because of its small size, the strap can also be stored in certain places in large bags, and it is also a good choice to serve as an additional coin purse accessory. Especially for simple tote bags or portable canvas bags, you can use them for “practical decoration”.

Although it does not meet my expectations in terms of practicality, after all, I shouldn't buy this thing with the expectation of how practical it is, as long as it looks good. But if you are a practical bag user, this crossbody bag is really not a suitable choice.

@阿东Don’t talk: TOI Tuyi puzzle + tool set

  • Where to get it: Xiaohongshu
  • Starting price: 169 for the puzzle itself; 140 for the tool set

Jigsaw puzzles are similar to Lego. They are a multi-purpose toy for adults: while killing time, they can not only gain a sense of accomplishment and flow experience, but also use the finished product as a decorative ornament at home. Since moving into our new home last year, my wife and I have built three or four sets of Lego. Although the process was very enjoyable, subsequent placement and storage have become problems. So this time when my wife was shopping for hanging paintings, she had an idea and fell in love with this TOI puzzle product and tool set.

Before purchasing the tool set, I was a little worried that it would be “poor and full of stationery”, but after receiving it, I found that it is indeed useful, but the price-performance ratio is really average. The tool set includes a stand and a piece of 55cm*80cm wool felt. The stand is used to place the wool felt diagonally. It has multiple angles that can be adjusted. It is very friendly to the cervical vertebrae of the puzzle maker; and the friction of the wool felt can be very good. The puzzle pieces are fixed on the ground, so that the puzzle pieces will not slip even if they are tilted 45 degrees. In addition, the positioning lines can also help fix the position of some individual pieces.

Of course, considering the price, this set of tools is really not cost-effective. If you buy a reading stand + a wool felt board separately, you can replace it at almost half the price.

Talking about the puzzle itself, the first thing that makes me satisfied is some additional accessories. For example, in addition to the drawings, there is also a mini photo frame of the finished picture, as well as the glue, scraper, etc. used after the completion. The drawings and puzzles The color difference is also very small, which indeed effectively reduces the difficulty.

What I purchased this time was a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. In my opinion, the overall fit is quite good. It gives me a Lego-like feeling of pleasure when putting it together. Coupled with the friction of the felt board, there was no need for rework during the whole process. However, looking at store reviews, we found that some of the brand's co-branded models have a lot of bite problems, which may be related to the production period. Interested friends can pay attention to this when purchasing to avoid pitfalls.

I feel a sense of accomplishment after completing it.

As novices, my wife and I worked together to complete this puzzle set, which took more than three hours, but I still felt a sense of accomplishment when I saw the finished product. After the puzzle is completed, there is one last step, which is to squeeze out the glue that comes with the set and evenly apply it on the surface of the puzzle with a scraper. After the glue dries, you can put the puzzle into the frame like a hanging painting.

It is worth mentioning that it is best to confirm the puzzle piece by piece before applying glue. I have also seen many cases on Xiaohongshu where some misspellings were discovered only after applying glue. The difficulty of rework is hellish.

In summary, as people who rarely play puzzles, we are very satisfied with the whole set of TOI puzzles. The whole process and the finished product gave us an experience similar to that of playing with Lego, but the cost is still higher than that of Lego. It's much lower, so it's a good replacement.

A hot debate

In the last issue No. 153, one faction voted “Do you use stage scheduling?》, a total of 1225 friends participated enthusiastically, thank you very much!

I didn’t expect that most of the party members don’t need to be in front of the stage.

Alavan_Nee (+69) I just want to say that this really takes up screen space and is tasteless to me.

Caffeine26 (+29) No need at all. This is just a semi-finished product that was released before it was fully adjusted. It will conflict with the left swipe back gesture on the iPad. The iPad itself does not have a right swipe, and now the left swipe is still occupied. The person who designed this function is too perfunctory and brainless. As for macOS, it is not as practical as some third-party window management tools.

Echo_Tsang (+18) It is designed to make you focus, but life is all about taking care of yourself.

hushdon (+12) Front-end scheduling is only suitable for iPads and Macs with external large screens. For the MacBook screen itself, whether it is 13-inch or 16-inch, precious screen space will be sacrificed. On the large screen of the monitor, sliding back and forth between multiple desktops in macOS is a waste of user energy. At this time, front-end scheduling should be much gentler.

Xiao Lin (+8) 1. iPad Pro Generally, if it is a meeting or learning scene, when the Magic Keyboard is connected externally, I have to turn on the front desk schedule. On the one hand, the 12.9-inch screen is really too big. If I don’t turn it on, some apps will display too horizontally. It is a waste of screen space. On the other hand, some vertical screen or apps that are only adapted to the iPhone cannot be used without turning on the front-end scheduling. Moreover, if the front-end scheduling is not turned on, WeChat input in side-scroll mode is very painful. Once you return to the conversation, The box just disappeared, I don’t know if it’s a bug;

2. I tried to turn on front-end scheduling on MacBook Pro before, but it was too boring to open an app and just jump to a window, and the lag was very serious. Both my Intel core and M core had the same lag, and finally closed it.

3. I also tried it on the iMac in the office, and it was very useless. After all, even if I filled up the big screen, there would still be room on the stage for the remaining apps, and there was no need to “schedule” the stage at all.

Yang Feng (+6) Device iPadPro 12.9, almost always on. Usually they are placed on the desktop for horizontal use, but there are always some apps that can only be displayed vertically, and the on-stage dispatcher can force them to turn horizontally. This is simply ecstatic. I don’t have much ideas on Mac, and I can’t find any conveniences.

vox (+5) After connecting a large monitor, keyboard and mouse, I put the computer together. There is no special touchpad, so it is very comfortable to switch windows at this time.

Joe_217 (+3) MacBook Pro 2019, no high refresh rate, turn on front-end scheduling, switch to lag, turn off.

iPad Pro 2018, turn on the front desk dispatching, full screen mode, swipe right to return to station B and conflict with the right slide switch of the front desk dispatch, close it.

Sichuan light rain (+2) It must be opened on Mac, it is very useful. Only the application icon can be seen in the bottom bar, but the real-time page can be seen by the front desk dispatcher. Coupled with the smooth animation, I think it is a highlight of macOS.

Drunken Salmon (+2) I only use it when I play games on my iPad and watch videos.

NonameNya (+1) iPad front-end scheduling relies heavily on it – because you can play games in multiple windows, it means that if you hang up, you can also hang up multiple games. The previous background strategy could not achieve this. For games that cannot be split-screen (usually), you can only hang one at most.

SysErr0r (+1) I have strong opinions on this voting option. The usability of front-end scheduling on 11/12.9-inch screens is completely different. The equipment situation must be considered🤔

Ah hey (+1) I usually only use this feature when I use an iPad with an external screen, because it helps to relieve the pressure on my Intel MacBook (the memory is too small, and running too many apps is very slow). I just happen to move some lightweight apps to iPad, such as reading and vocabulary learning apps. These apps usually have a very bad experience on Mac, and they cost extra. Using this feature just saves me money. Stage manager is essentially the desktop management function of Mac. Different desktops have different windows (corresponding to different work areas), but the window management experience of this function is not aligned with Mac at all. You can't move windows to another desktop as arbitrarily and accurately as Mission Control on Mac. Sometimes there are too many windows on a desktop in the sidebar, and you can't select a window from that desktop and put it on the desktop you are working on now. You can't use the background switching of iPad to bypass this limitation, because the background switching cannot drag windows to different desktops at will. Stage manager also doesn't have a function like App Exposé to view all windows of the same app.

songwang (+0) macOS only turned on this option this year. The preview trigger of the front-end scheduling is faster and more elegant. The boss's multi-desktop switching is also easy to use with the native mouse. However, it is a bit difficult to use without quick preview, or the preview desktop list. The triggering method is not elegant and efficient enough, and because some applications on the desktop are opened directly through the application entrance on the taskbar or status bar, the order of the desktop will also be changed, which is even more shocking 😂.

The front-end scheduling of iPadOS is not used. The 11-inch one is too small. After buying it, I found that it is really an entertainment tool. At the moment, there is not much need for multi-application collaboration. Hahaha, I might use it when I get it.

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