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Concurrent programming, with examples, Hacker News

Concurrent programming, with examples, Hacker News

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Mention concurrency and you’re bound to get two kinds of unsolicited advice: first that it’s a nightmarish problem which will melt your brain, and second that there’s a magical programming language or niche paradigm which will make all your problems disappear.

We won’t run to either extreme here. Instead we’ll cover the production workhorses for concurrent software – threading and locking – and learn about them through a series of interesting programs. By the end of this article you’ll know the terminology and patterns used by POSIX threads (pthreads).

This is an introduction rather than a reference. Plenty of reference material exists for pthreads – whole books in fact. I won’t dwell on all the options of the API, but will briskly give you the big picture. None of the examples contain error handling because it would merely clutter them.

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