Confusion over Boris Johnson's promise that schools will stay open for children of 'key workers' – Daily Mail,

Confusion over Boris Johnson's promise that schools will stay open for children of 'key workers' – Daily Mail,

Boris Johnson ‘s pledge to give all children of key workers a school place during the coronavirus crisis descended into chaos and confusion today as parents helping to keep the country running were rejected from the emergency scheme.

Parents employed by the NHS , teachers or those who have a crucial role such as a supermarket delivery driver have been promised childcare so they can keep working after all schools close tomorrow with the illness killing people so far in the UK and infecting 2, 686 people.

A final list of who will be classified as a key worker will be published today as millions of parents face six months with their children at home while desperately trying to juggle their jobs.

And amid growing chaos in Britain’s schools students whose GCSE and A-Levels exams have been axed fear teachers could give them disappointing grades based on their mock results and coursework because so many traditionally ‘cram ‘ahead of final tests in May and June.

Headteachers and nursery managers across the UK are today taking a roll call of all people who believe they need a place for their child or children while they keep working over the coming months.

But schools are using their social media accounts to warn parents that couples must both be key workers to be eligible. If not, one will be expected to stay at home with the children, probably until September at the earliest. Single parents who work in the NHS or for the police, for example, will get a place.

One social worker parent tried to register their child for an emergency school place in south-west London today only to be refused because their partner does not have a public sector job.

She told MailOnline: ‘Children’s parents at our school are being told only the children with two key workers parents can send their children in – it’s absolutely outrageous.

Teenage boys walk to a bus stop in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, as all schools close tomorrow for months but a promise to keep the children of key workers in classrooms throughout the crisis descended into chaos today

Highfield St. Matthew’s C.E. Primary School in Wigan has given the same message to their parents – and say proof both people are key workers will be needed

Who are the key workers whose children could still be sent to school during the coronavirus crisis?

The Government is yet to confirm who will be classified as a key worker whose children will be given a place in school or nursery during the coronavirus crisis.

But these are the groups likely to be included:

  • All NHS staff including non-medical staff;

Teachers and nursery staff All police officers, PCSOs and majority of the civilian police staff;

  • Firefighters;
  • Prison officers and most prison staff ) Probation Service staff
  • Social workers
  • Council planners and environmental health staff
      Most Ministry of Defense staff

    Highway Agency road traffic officers