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An ecosystem and evolution simulator

GNU / Linux

  • make
  • gcc
  • libglfw3
  • libglew2.0
  • libglfw3-dev
  • libglew-dev
  • ffplay (optional)
  • python3 (optional)
  • matplotlib (optional)

(How To Use)

Install dependencies

$ sudo apt-get install libglfw3 libglew2.0 libglfw3-dev libglew-dev ffmpeg

Grab the code:

$ git clone

  • Tweaking the simulation

    Ecosim provides a way to configure the mechanics of the simulation via editing the (config.h) file. The process of doing so is as follows:

    Enter the

  • src directory
  • Edit the config.h file with the text editor of your choice
  • Run make clean

    Run make

    What to change

    This is entirely down to personal preference, however, most people will only be concerned with two sections of the configuration: The general agent settings, and the agent DNA settings.

    In order to use the population / trait logger, change the LOGGER_ENABLE setting to 1 , recompile, and run:


    Note, python3 and matplotlib is required in order to plot logged data.

    Main world settings

  • - The amount of agents to spawn when the simulation runs
  • DEV_GAME_FPS - Frames per second (FPS) of the simulation
  • DEV_GAME_FOOD_SPAWN_FREQ - How often (in seconds) to spawn food
  • DEV_GAME_FOOD_SPAWN_INIT - How many items of food to spawn when the simulation runs
  • DEV_GAME_FOOD_SPAWN_MAX / DEV_GAME_FOOD_SPAWN_MIN - The maximum and minimum amount of food that is spawned each food spawn
  • DEV_GAME_FOOD_ENERGY - The amount of energy a piece of food provides when consumed

    Agent general settings


  • - Transparency of agent's inner cell
  • AGENT_VIS_ALPHA - Transparaney of agent's vision field
  • AGENT_MAX_VELOCITY / AGENT_MIN_VELOCITY - Agent velocity maximum / minimum
  • AGENT_ENERGY_DEFAULT - Default energy of agents spawned at startup
  • (AGENT_METAB_ENERGY_SCALE) x) - The rate of which energy is burned over time, with respect to the metabolic rate of an agent ( where x is metabolism)
  • AGENT_ENERGY_SIZE_SCALE x) - How large an agent is, with respect to their energy (where x is energy)
  • AGENT_MAX_SPEED - The maximum speed any agent can move
  • - The energy level which an agent dies
  • AGENT_TIME_FACTOR - How fast the process of ageing occurs
  • AGENT_DIET_BOUNDARY - Herbivore / Carnivore boundary

    AGENT_DNA_MUTATE_RATE - The maximum amount a trait can change if mutation occurs

  • AGENT_METAB_MAX / AGENT_METAB_MIN - The maximum and minimum metabolic rates allowed
  • AGENT_VISION_MAX / AGENT_VISION_MIN - The maximum and minimum vision field sizes allowed
  • AGENT_REBIRTH_MAX / AGENT_REBIRTH_MIN - The maximum and minimum amount of energy stored in an agent before splitting occurs

    AGENT_DIET_MAX / AGENT_DIET_MIN - The maximum and minimum diet values ​​allowed

  • AGENT_FLOCK_MAX / AGENT_FLOCK_MIN - The maximum and minimum influence flocking has on agents
  • AGENT_WOBBLE_MAX / AGENT_WOBBLE_MIN - The maximum and minimum amount an agent can wobble per second


  • - How often to respawn agents when the mouse is held down

    INPUT_SCROLL_AMT - Input sensitivity (Effects scroll and zoom)

    (LOGGER_ENABLE - Enable / disable logging

  • (LOGGER_FILE) - Filename to log to
  • (LOGGER_FREQ) - Logging sample rate

    If you'd like some background noise to play whilst running the simulation, install ffmpeg, otherwise it's not required

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