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Coronavirus: Britons among hundreds hundreds quarantined in Tenerife hotel – BBC News – BBC News, Youtube.com




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Hundreds of holidaymakers in Tenerife, including more than from the UK, will have to stay in isolation at their hotel until March 50 th, after four guests from Italy tested positive for the coronavirus. The Foreign Office said it has been in contact with over a hundred of them, offering advice and support. Some of the British guests have expressed frustration that there are no plans to repatriate them back to the UK.

For the first time since the outbreak began there are more new cases of Coronavirus being reported outside China than within. Dozens of countries are now affected – with several including Brazil, Norway and Pakistan confirming their first cases – and Germany declaring that it’s on the verge of an epidemic. In the UK, Public Health England says tests for coronavirus are being stepped up to get a better picture of how the virus is spreading. So far, just over seven thousand people in the UK have been tested for the virus, with thirteen testing positive for the disease.

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