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Coronavirus in UAE: Health Minister says medicine stockpiles ‘sufficient’ in case of virus outbreak

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Abu Dhabi: The UAE Health Minister has said the country has stocked sufficient medicines to deal with any outbreak of virus.

Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad bin Nasser Al Owais, Minsiter of Health and Prevention, has stressed that the UAE was among the first countries that stocked up sufficient quantities of materials required for state-of-the-art checkups to detect the new Coronavirus.

UAE Health Minister says the country has enough medical supplies to deal with the Coronavirus
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More than 500 people working round the clock to deal with any emergency

According to a post on social media by the Ministry of Health & Prevention (MOHAP), more than 500 staff members are on board, working round the clock to deal with any emergency situation regarding Coronavirus. He said these people are working on communication, medical investigations and logistical support to combat the virus, the UAE Health Minister said on Tuesday, February 11.

The minister made the statement while briefing the Federal National Council on the new Coronavirus.

There are enough medical supplies

Al Owais said: “As soon as the spread of the virus was reported from China, we made available enough quantities of thermometers at the border crossings and airports. We also took all necessary precautions in line with World Health Organisation (WHO), protocols,” he explained.

According to UAE Health Minister over 500 people are working round the clock to deal with any emergency related to the virus in the UAE
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The Minister said that the country had adequate reserves of necessary medical supplies such as surgical masks, medical gloves, goggles and protective clothing. “In addition to these, the several factories inside the country continue to manufacture them to teh best of international standards,” he assured Council members and the nation.

Incubation period of those affected between one day to 11

The Minister explained that the incubation period for the disease according to the WHO ranged from one day to 11, with some exceptional cases in which it could last up to 16 days.

“All the cases detected in the UAE are so far stable. All those who had contact with the affected and the places they have frequented have been reached, and all the necessary steps to preempt the spread of the infection have been taken,” said Al Owais.

Preparedness of public and private sectors enhanced

The Health Minister pointed out that the preparedness of health institutions in both the public and private sectors have been enhanced.

Image Credit: Agencies

“Isolation wards are allocated in all of them. Laboratories in government institutions are readied for testing the virus. Protective gears have been provided to health care providers. The level of preparedness at the airports have been been upgraded, including at national civil aviation companies. We are also in a position to evacuate our people with no time lag once the decision has been taken,” he elaborated.

Al Owais also explained the various steps taken by the UAE Government to deal with the Coronavirus threat, such as the activation of the National Operations Centre, and coordination with the WHO and Chinese authorities to assess the risks.

Appreciation for UAE on its preparedness to deal with the virus situation

Image Credit: Agencies

The Health Minister emphasised that the UAE received much appreciation from the WHO and Arab Regional Centre for its prompt handling of the detected cases. “The transparency with which the UAE has dealt with the situation, particularly its allocation of a communication centre in Mandarin language for enquiries and for providing information on suspected cases, came in for special praise,” said Al Owais.

Al Owais concluded his speech at the Federal Council by saying that the UAE is in constant touch with the WHO to keep itself posted of the latest developments. “The UAE will take part in a global meeting to discuss the latest developments with regard to the Coronavirus infection,” said Al Owais.

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